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Wheel Assemblies

For trolleys, gantry and catenary wheels

When it comes to Ship-to-Shore cranes, reliable and durable wheels and wheel assemblies are essential to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted operation of your crane. At Gantrex we pride ourselves on the high quality standards we bring to the industry ensuring that we provide the most reliable products and innovative solutions to all our customers. The durability of the wheel not only lies at the heart of the manufacturing process but also the relative hardness of the wheel thread and the rail head. Before you order your wheels make sure to check the hardness specification of the wheel thread compared to the hardness of your rail. If the wheel thread is too soft it will wear too quickly, if it is too hard it can accelerate wear on the rail. The hardness of the wheel has to be just right for the best aging parameter for both the wheel and rail.  


Use Gantrex’s experience with Wheels to your benefit by letting us analyze your drawings before we quote and suggest any improvements that can be made to improve the durability of this critical item on your STS cranes. If you cannot locate the drawings of your wheels we can come on site and use the latest tools to translate your wheels into 3D drawings, from which we can easily manufacture replacement wheels.  


Normally it is much easier to replace a full wheel assembly compared to just a wheel especially when you are working at 60m or higher! Gantrex can assist you with that as well, we can source the most reliable parts and assemble them to the highest industry standards. We specialize in both Motor-on-Trolley wheel assemblies, one of the more complex assemblies with multiple bearing housings, and Rope-Pulled-Trolley wheel assemblies where the wheel assembly includes the Trolley Wheel, Bearings, and Shaft. This way, when the wheel assemblies arrive at site it is a plug and play installation, remove the old wheel assembly and install the new in the same position. It definitely saves a lot of time and provides you with a more reliable system that includes new bearings and shaft! 

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Key Features & Benefits

  • All wheels are heat treated by Mass Quenching and Tempering to ensure the correct thread hardness is achieved
  • Wheels are manufactured from forged pieces for maximum durability
  • Quality control is done on all wheels to ensure all dimensional tolerances and hardness profiles are respected
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Trust in Gantrex to provide you with Wheels and Wheel Assemblies to the highest industry standards. Gantrex is your partner to ensure your cranes run in their most optimal condition, we can review drawings and advise on improvements, or even translate your wheels and assemblies into 3D drawings if required. We can supply you with Wheels if you require spares or full assemblies if a replacement of the same is required. We can even assist you in replacing wheels and wheel assemblies on your cranes. We look forward to being your partner in Crane Parts and Crane Repair Services! 

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Port CAUCEDO, Dominican Republic

Gantrex has been working with a customer in the Dominican Republic for the last 6 years replacing short rails, the first solution was to improve on the ordinary short rail with a welded stiffener to Full Web Short Rail to eliminate the maintenance required on the stiffener welds, the solution was more robust and the customer was very satisfied with Gantrex performance on the project.

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