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HingeGuard™ Short Rail

Our patented solution to your short rail headache

The Gantrex HingeGuard™ Short Rail is a self-damping short rail solution designed to support the trolley track constraints, namely reduce vibration, shocks and rail wear, and to easily enable the boom opening at the hinge joint of the crane.

The unique characteristic of this patented innovative solution enables it to extend the soft mounting features used for all our fixing systems to the hinge.

A complete tailor-made system solution, it can be completely adapted to the needs of each individual installation. It fits all ship-to-shore cranes, can be installed with no additional impact on installation timing, shortening operational downtime, and delivers substantial noise reduction.

Tested under severe and rigorous conditions in laboratories, the Gantrex HingeGuard™ Short Rail has been developed with significant technical research and development support. With on-site analysis and measurements based on a first prototype, our teams have been able to gain unrivalled detail and understanding of the Short Rail headache, its impact and subsequent system challenges.

Find out all details about the R&D carried out by the in-house engineering team involved in this patented product by downloading the HingeGuard™ Short Rail brochure found in the Brochure section below.

The Gantrex HingeGuard™ patent is filed under the following numbers across the world: US10227219B2, EP3019431B1, CN105263848B

Key Features & Benefits

  • Extended benefits of the soft mounting system to the hinge
  • Reduced vibration (by up to 30%), Reduced shocks (by 80%), Reduced rail wear
  • Tailor-made to A75 and A100 rails
  • Highly technical solution which includes a rubber layer inserted in the web of the rail
  • Improved clamping system with +/- 5mm lateral adjustability post installation
  • Minimization of standard geometric imperfections
  • Severe dynamic loads proof for 2M+ container moves in standard operating conditions
  • Eliminates the need to replace the Short Rail between long rail replacements
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Our teams are on hand to help you with your next Short Rail or Trolley Rail replacement project. Delivering expert advice and installation support for all aspects of your project from engineering, measurements, scaffolding or platform installation, rail welding and full rail or short rail replacements we will work with you, using only the highest industry standards and best practices.

Full Web Short Rail

The Short Rail is the rail section located at the boom hinge joint of the crane where the boom and girder rails are separated to allow the crane to boom up. Different styles of rail joints are available for this area and the majority require special machining. Gantrex is the world largest supplier of short rail systems and we’re able to custom-tailor solutions depending on budgetary and operational constraints. Gantrex solutions range from ordinary machined rails to the most innovative rails with vulcanized rubber. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered with our complete product portfolio.


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Gantrex HingeGuard™ Short Rail

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