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ESG in Action

Our Vision


Gantrex is committed to protecting the environment, and building a sustainable future is a cornerstone of our strategic plan. As a global organization, we understand the impact that our operations can have on people and on the environment and that’s why we make sustainable practices part of everyone’s remit.  Be it high level operational and investment decisions or field based solutions at site level, every single person across our operation has a part to play and a contribution to make, creating a healthy future for our people and our planet.

We’re proud to see our colleagues around the world take ownership of their local environmental and sustainable plans. We aim to be a safe business that employs great people and maintains strong community relationships.

From simple recycling policies to larger scale initiatives, sustainability is part of our day to day. Only by investing in the best technology and systems can we minimize our environmental impact and maximize the health and safety of our workforce


We based our first carbon footprint calculation on 2021 data and are following GHG protocol, meaning we included emissions from the full value chain and from all Gantrex companies around the globe.

In line with our strategic plan and vision, Gantrex has committed to a set of near term carbon reduction targets, validated by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTI), setting us on a course to reduce scope 1 & 2 emissions by 42% by 2030 (from the 2021 baseline). This ambitious target will work from a 2021 baseline and include the development of a focussed and continuous carbon monitoring and reduction program.

This validation by SBTI is a testament to the dedication of our teams and a major milestone that reinforces our commitment to a more sustainable future. These approved targets now become the driving force behind our activities to reduce carbon emissions, conserve resources, and minimize our carbon footprint. And we will channel these activities through a continued focus on our people, our planet and the solutions we design.

To find out more about our GHG emissions and SBTi targets approach click here


As a global employer we take very seriously the responsibility that we hold towards our staff. And not only our staff. But our suppliers, our customers, our partners; in fact, everyone who comes into contact with our operation, wherever in the world that may be. Part of our commitment is to the safe and secure working of our people and those who use our services, but also in the training and development of our teams and customers to ensure safe and sustainable practices.

As part of this we have an established Ethical Committee responsible for a range of policies reflecting and enforcing our ethical standards, including: Gantrex Code of Conduct, Gantrex Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery policies, Gantrex Global Vendor Code of Conduct and the Gantrex Global Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Policy.

We also carry out a yearly Employee Satisfaction Survey to get direct feedback from our employees around the world leading to improvements in the workplace.

We prioritize Safety and invest heavily in cutting-edge solutions which deliver a positive impact on health and safety as well as the environment. Within our own operation a recent example of this can be seen in our newly installed Fumes Aspiration unit that provides a triple benefit: improved employee health, a reduction in safety risks and minimisation of environmental impact.

Looking to our impacts in the field, our technical developments provide the industry with innovative solutions that are not only more efficient but also contribute to higher safety and well-being of the staff. The HingeGuard™ Short Rail solution is a great example of this, minimizing the operational impact on the trolley driver by reducing shocks by 80% and vibrations by 30%. This in turn increases driver comfort, reducing risk of injuries linked to the workplace.

We believe in giving the Power to our People to design and innovate programs for good. Our colleagues around the world, supported by our leadership teams, are encouraged to innovate and create meaningful initiatives, regardless of scale. One such program relates to our Canadian team who transformed a previously unused backyard into a thriving sanctuary of local, pesticide-free produce. Beyond being a beautiful site, this garden champions ecological responsibility and community concerns. This initiative perfectly resonates with Gantrex’s pledge to environmental stewardship, proving the power that small individual steps can have towards a more sustainable world.


Through a comprehensive approach that incorporates sustainable practices into our core operations, we prioritize the preservation of natural resources wherever we can. Such practices include efficient energy consumption, waste reduction, and responsible sourcing of materials. By actively engaging in eco-conscious initiatives, like  the reduction of our carbon footprint , we look to play our part in working towards the goals of the Paris Agreement – limiting global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

Waste reduction is just one of the ways that we look to minimize our sustainable impact and can be evidenced through recycling initiatives such as our reuse of unvulcanized rubber blocks. These blocks cannot normally be used for production when the rubber strips are cut during the manufacture process. Now, rather than going to waste, the rubber blocks are kept refrigerated to be used later to produce locking pieces or sealing cap rubber pads. This is just one example of recycling in action and our overall objective to reduce waste.


Within every aspect of our business and every department across the world, sustainable solutions can be seen. Outside of the manufacturing process itself, we are proud of the myriad ways that our teams innovate to save resources, build efficiency and protect the planet.

Our strategic plan devotes resources to increasing the use of digital tools and services such as cloud storage, reducing our print requirements and investing in effective digital tools and solutions that will safeguard our future.

We have put in place demanding quality assurance checks and resources to reduce waste on the production lines.

We provide innovative products that come with long warranties and have long life built into them as standard. Many of our manufactured products are packaged in recyclable and recycled materials, including the use of wooden crates that are reused throughout the supply chain.

But we also know that we can’t achieve our ambitions alone. We are working with many local suppliers to minimize long routes in transportation, we consolidate shipments of raw materials and we optimize deliveries to jobsite as far as possible.

We encourage our partners and teams to make best use of technology to communicate, reducing unnecessary travel. We work with partners who can demonstrate a shared vision and practical applications of sustainability in action.


Carbon Footprints Results

As expected, GHG emissions increased in 2022 together with business activity performance (post-covid recovery).

The action plan 2023 do not show results at this early stage.

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