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3D Scanning

3D Scanning

Do you need an annual inspection done on your crane? Gantrex can do that! We use the latest technologies available to complete a health check to ensure your crane is in tip top shape. Our report will have recommendations on any maintenance items that need to be looked at or any issues that need special attention. Our over 50 years of experience enable us to interpret the technical data and provide you with precise actionable insights for your operations

Do you have an issue with your crane that just keeps coming back? Gantrex can do a root cause analysis incorporating technologies such as 3D scanning to scan the whole crane or just a particular area. Traditional assessment methods provide a discrete representation of the systems. The finer the distance between two distinct locations the longer is the assessment and the data processing. Modern technologies such as 3D scanning expands the geometrical assessment to a new area where track solutions can be assessed almost continuously in the 3 directions and the data treatment is eased with powerful software. This allows us to understand what is happening with your crane and give you expert advice on how to solve your problem to ensure your crane keeps moving those containers!

Now, what is 3D scanning?

3D scanning brings the crane inspection to a next level providing a true ‘intimacy’ with your crane. While conventional inspection methods provides you quality punctual results, generally every 2 meters, 3D scanning give you the possibility to connect the dots but also widen the view scope to the surrounding system. 3D scanning converts real objects into precise digital models. It uses light scattering technics and advanced data processing to analyze the measurements. As an example, with 3D scanning you are not only measuring your rail, but also your beams enabling to reveal that your rail is in the middle of your beams but on non-aligned beams. Besides giving you a better understanding of your system, 3D scanning is a not intrusive method with fast acquisition.


It is extremely useful for:

  • Crane and track commissioning
  • Loaded / unloaded geometries
  • General mechanical assembly for repairs, maintenance or modifications
  • Accident assessment
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3D Scanning is an efficient inspection method to support crane and track commissioning, assess operation structural crane change (ex. loaded / unloaded geometries), help for maintenance or to modify your system or even assess of accident impacts. The versality of 3D scanning really makes this method as a ‘must have’ mastered by Gantrex. In the industries we serve, track geometries are essential for proper operations. It is then important to regularly assess them.

Applied to our industries, it enables to generate valuable outputs for our clients such as historical asset situations, engineering drawings, accurate measurements, independent commissioning assessment …

Gantrex recently launched 3D scanning activities in select regions. We started from Spain and are in the process to making it available to our clients worldwide.

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