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Gantrex crane rail systems have been designed to adapt to the very toughest of environments. Equipped for hot and dusty environments, able to handle hazardous loads taking into account factors such as vibrations, building movements, misalignment of crane beams and more, our solutions are proven to support continuous production and just-in-time delivery demands.

Our products are designed to fit the very challenging and complex demands of the steel and aluminium industries and our teams are well versed in designing solutions for highly reliable crane runway structures that drive maximum productivity in the production process.

Our tailor-made supply and installation solutions for crane girder-to-building columns and crane rail systems for new projects are available through more than 300 dedicated Gantrex crane rail experts worldwide.

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Reliable process cranes are a critical component in the overall cost efficiency of any industry or application. From manufacturing to assembly and shipment, efficiency and reliability are determinant factors for success. Handling difficult loads on long or cross-travel cranes, ensuring continuous process flows, the accuracy of material placement, these are just some critical factors that cannot be met if the crane rail track proves unreliable. Problems are compounded even further when facing harsh and demanding conditions such as heat or severe cold, dust or still, aggressive environments.

Our global GANTREX teams offer unrivalled experience in crane rail solutions for all process cranes ranging from casting cranes to refuse incineration installations, and for all types of medium to heavy load overhead cranes, or for specific applications.


Gantrex engineers and delivers crane rail tracks products for every industrial application, including portal cranes to steel-slab cranes, ship unloaders and Goliath cranes. All our products are subject to harsh, demanding conditions and severe weather (heat, cold, humidity, dusty or corrosive environments).

Gantrex supplies and installs a wide range of products designed to fix rail runways to the ground using cutting-edge technology to increase the reliability and productivity of its customer’s business. Our enduring experience with the numerous applications of ground runway tracks and efficient interfacing with civil engineers and crane manufacturers helps us understand your needs and address your issues before offering you a customizable solution.

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Automated warehousing storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are only effective if they offer their owners the expected productivity, space saving, accuracy, speed and reduced operating costs. AS/RS are perfectly adapted to today’s “world at a click” business.

Speed and accuracy in material handling depends on the reliability of the gear and equipment. Our Gantrex teams boast considerable experience in equipping Storage and Retrieval Machines (SRM) with floor mounted rails. Our range of specific crane runway solutions for automated warehouses are engineered, produced and installed to meet every single client request, taking into account client profiles (manufacturing or distribution centre), loads retrieved and shipped, average temperature range of warehouses, crane specifications and civil engineering characteristics.


Stackers and Reclaimers that handle limestone, coal and other bulk materials are crucial to the processing of mined and other loose material. Whether piling and storing minerals or reclaiming to prepare for shipping, these machines typically run on rails supported by concrete foundations and impart dynamic loads to the rails via the wheels.

Concrete-supported runway details are often overlooked and, as a result, the maintenance and repairs to the runway and the machine itself are often accepted as the norm due to a lack of attention to these runway details.

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