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Wheel Replacement

For trolley, crane and catenary wheels

Wheels play a critical role in the movement of trolley along the Ship-to-Shore crane structure. They must allow for smooth travel of the trolley along the length of the boom and girder to allow for the safe handling of containers. To allow for continuous operation through loading/unloading of containers the trolley wheels are exposed to an extremely high number of operating cycles and are subject to constant friction and stress while rolling on the trolley track. The exposure to significantly high number of cycles accelerates the process of wear and tear, resulting in worn-out or damaged wheels. Excessive wear can lead to compromised smoothness and efficiency of wheel rolling on rail tracks, negatively impacting the trolley’s performance and stability.


Replacing the Trolley Wheels is not a small task and requires special attention and specialized equipment. Depending on the setup of the Trolley Wheels we can replace the wheels only or the full wheel assembly which includes the wheels, bearings, and shafts. It is normally quicker and safer to replace the full wheel assembly compared to just a wheel, to replace the wheel only we will need specialized equipment to cool down the shaft and heat up the wheel which can be quite difficult 60m up in the air, it is then more advantageous to assemble the wheel, bearings and shaft in the workshop and then replace the full wheel assembly on the trolley.


The most important part of a wheel replacement happens after the wheels or wheel assemblies have been replaced. Great care must be taken to properly adjust each wheel in the vertical and horizontal planes while ensuring proper pitch is maintained. Improper wheel adjustment can lead to crabbing of the trolley and excessive shocks or vibrations which can result in premature failure of the wheels.


We have been replacing wheels and wheel assemblies in Europe on trolleys, gantries, RMGs and ASCs since 2015 and can assist you in your upcoming wheel replacement project. Our installation teams follow industry best practices and ensure every wheel is installed to the tightest tolerances, ensuring smooth operation of your trolley and most importantly a very happy driver!


Use Gantrex’s experience with Wheels and Wheel Assemblies to your benefit by letting us analyze your drawings before we quote and suggest any improvements that can be made to increase the durability of this critical component on your cranes.

  • Trolley Wheels are subject to extreme wear and tear and need to be replaced to ensure smooth operation of the trolley
  • It is normally more beneficial to replace the full Wheel Assembly rather than just the wheels
  • It is extremely important to properly adjust each wheel to ensure the wheels are in proper contact with the rail system
  • Gantrex can assist you in the design, supply and installation of all wheels on your trolleys, gantries, RMGs and ASCs
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