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In a recent press release, you mentioned a shared commitment to quality and core values with Gantrex, which made the collaboration a good strategic fit. Could you explain further regarding those core values, and how you believe they will translate in customer experience and quality?

During the acquisition process and negotiations, intuition played a significant part in shaping our journey together. There were clear synergies between our two organizations; we both pride ourselves on being reliable, honest, and customer centric organizations. We strive to be recognized as trustworthy and dependable by our customers and we always follow through on our promises. This shared vision and value set gave a strong foundation upon which to build a successful collaboration, and by aligning our individual areas of expertise and resource, we saw that we could bring something unique to the sector.

Regarding the Gantrex 4.0 strategic plan (to grow Port Crane Services business) that was also referred to in the release, what role do you see the acquisition of specialist port crane services playing in this?

The benefit is that we can learn a lot from each other’s strategies. Gantrex is strong in part sales and diagnostics, while Liftcom focuses more on services like maintenance, repairs, and refurbishment. The Gantrex product portfolio is strong, by bringing in our range of specialist services and bespoke solution approach, we can build an outstanding customer offer, that we believe no one else can deliver.

As we move forward our focus will continue to be shaped by customers’ needs. To be successful we must deliver systems and solutions in collaboration with the market. Our innovations must continue to be customer led so that we can create a portfolio which is fit for purpose.  We are always looking for quality and, of course, delivering  value.

Liftcom was established over 15 years ago. How has the sector evolved during that time ? Do you anticipate any new services coming up with new technology ?

This particular industry has a rich history and has seen steady progress over the last 50 years. While the core mechanical aspects have remained consistent, there have been significant advancements, particularly in automation and robotics. These innovations have introduced exciting new efficiencies and capabilities, showing that even established industries can evolve and improve over time.

Recognizing that your team is essential for the further growth, adaptation and success of the Gantrex PCS portfolio, how would you characterize your leadership style? And how do you plan to guide your team through the transition to this next exciting phase?

I am an empathetic leader who likes to delegate as much as possible and coach teams with empowering and realistic goals, allowing them to grow and feel valued within the organization. Personally, I have always been really interested in people. I make it a point to get to know the individuals within the organization, understanding their levels of knowledge and what interests and motivates them.

My leadership style can be summarized in three key areas: People and Goals, Quality and Organization, Financials and Growth. By focusing on these areas, I aim to foster a supportive and productive environment that benefits both the team and the organization, setting us up for success as we move into the next exciting phase of our development.

What do you perceive as the most significant challenges facing the sector in the upcoming years, and also, what aspects are you most excited about?

The global economic shifts are definitely going to affect our sector. We’ll likely need to rethink how goods flow, and smaller ports, in particular, will need to reassess their operations. On the other hand, I foresee growth, especially in the inland terminals. This means our challenge will be to focus more on smaller projects while still maintaining and even increasing our volume. Additionally, the large hub terminals will continue to grow, but they will handle containers at a slower pace over the next couple of years.

Finally, what advice would you offer to individuals aspiring to enter this industry and follow a career similar to yours?

I would say to specialize in a valuable skill, be persistent, ask questions, and don’t get easily misled. You need to be willing to work hard and never give up. If you have those qualities, you can definitely succeed in this industry.