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Use this directory to search our library of technical resources.

The Technical Datasheets provide technical information about our products and services such as lateral adjustments, tightening torques, weights or maximum lateral force capacities. You will also find information about components, product selection tables as well as installation instructions and recommendations.

Name Language Type Product Industry Service Application
Code of Conduct
Digital Brochure : Gantrex Ports EN Brochure Ports & Intermodal
Brochure EN – Trolley Rail Services EN Brochure Trolley Rails Ports & Intermodal Trolley Rail Replacement
Brochure EN – 3D Scanning EN Brochure Ports & Intermodal 3D Scanning
Brochure EN – Crane Diagnostics EN Brochure Ports & Intermodal Port Crane Solutions
Brochure EN DuraFlow EN Brochure Rubber Product
Flyer Port Crane Parts EN Flyer Ports & Intermodal
Rail 33E1 – Fiche Technique FR Technical Datasheet Rails
Rail 36E2 – Fiche Technique FR Technical Datasheet Rails
Rail 41E1 S41A 10 – Fiche Technique FR Technical Datasheet Rails