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Enhances your efficiency by saving you time to focus on something else than follow-ups.

Clear and intuitive design and functionalities. Straight to the point, catering to your specific needs without time spent figuring out where to find the answer to your question.

Available whenever you need it, wherever you are. Accessible via desktop, mobile and tablet. Real-time updates, get the latest changes to order status and project progress as soon as they happen. Choose your notification preference. Customize frequency and change it as you see fit.

MyGantrex customer portal

Everything you need to manage your business with Gantrex

Introducing MyGantrex, our new customer platform! A pivotal part of our digitalization strategy, bringing convenience, efficiency, and enhanced collaboration to our valued customers. Accessible anytime, anywhere, it’s your one-stop hub for seamless communication, product information, and support.

With MyGantrex you can review your own dashboard and review and monitor Orders, Quotes and Projects, as well as gettign in touch with your Gantrex dedicated contact/s. You can also access exclusive content for MyGantrex users, like technical bulletins, FAQ’s and Expert Vodcasts.

Check out in detail the different modules below. You want access to MyGantrex right away? Click below to request it and we will do the necessary within 24 hours.


  • Your business with Gantrex, from Quote to Installation, in one single place
  • Accessible online 24/7, whenever you need it, wherever you are
  • Self-service functionalities: review and approve Quotes, review and sign reports, etc.
  • Direct access to your Gantrex contact from one single place
  • Central repository for all your projects' documentation clearly identifying those that need your attention
  • Customizable notifications: choose the frequency that suits you the most
  • Exclusive technical content selected and curated only for MyGantrex users
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Check out what your customer portal can do for you and realize how easy it is to monitor and keep track of status and progress of your business with us.


Dashboard view

Status of your Quotes and Orders at a glance. Easy to navigate, clutter-free design and layout, only the info you need as an overview. You need more detail? We have you covered: detailed view available at the click of a button.

Access all modules, as well as the exclusive content, from your dashboard view.

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Quotes view

Review  and communicate with Gantrex for any question on the quotes you receive from us. With MyQuotes, you can also approve quotes and attach your purchase order or approve your quote and submit the purchsase order at a later time. You need clarification on any aspect of your quote from Gantrex? Messaging functionality to keep track of every message sent to your Gantrex contact.

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Orders view

With MyOrders, track and monitor your orders with transparency and simplicity. Real-time visibility into the status of your orders, ensuring smoother operations and timely planning. Stay informed, stay in control, and experience unparalleled convenience, ask for your MyGantrex access today!

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Projects view

Stay on top of the progress of your installation project. Overview of all your Gantrex projects as well as detailed view per project. Check progress of the different milestones and be up to date as to which tasks have been completed and what is the progress of the remaining ones. You also get direct access to your Gantrex project team, as well as to the repository with all the documentation related to the project: from contracts to Daily progress reports, Risk and Issues reports, Drawings, Certificates and any documentation related to the project.

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Exclusive content

Exclusive content

MyGantrex puts you in control of any aspect of your business with Gantrex, from order to installation project. But it doesn’t stop there, we also add exclusive content curated for you including technical bulletins, glossaries, FAQ’s and vodcasts with expert insights on solutions to your issues and needs.

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Testimonials from MyGantrex Community

'Your new platform is a great initiative, keep expanding it'

Customer from United States of America

'I have access to the portal, excellent initiative. Add more self-service functions'

Customer from United Arab Emirates

'I like the technical video-slides you have, produce more of them'

Customer from the Netherlands

'We are happy to have access'

Customer from Canada

'Easy access'

Customer from Singapore

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