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Vibration Analysis

What is vibration?

Vibration is a physical phenomenon resulting from an excitation on a structure. In our industries, cranes excite the rail system, resulting in vibrations.

Why is it important to analyze cranes and trolleys vibrations?

These vibrations are then a signature of the interaction between the moving objects (cranes, trolleys) on Gantrex rail systems. Well performing systems lead to lowest vibration and shock levels compared to systems presenting some flaws.
When human beings, like crane drivers, are exposed to these shocks and vibrations it becomes important to assess these levels to ensure they are within safe operating levels.
Measuring vibration of a system is not only to pay attention of vibration negative impacts (noise, operator exposure) but it is also a powerful analytic tool to assess mechanical moving systems. Gantrex has the tools and knowhow to analyze the vibrations originating from ASC and STS cranes travelling on their tracks which allows us to identify any issues on the track or wheels and provide you with solutions to fix such problems.

Key Features

  • Replication
  • Highly sensitive analysis
  • Recognized in many industries to assess operator exposure to health risk
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Using industrial calibrated sensors and acquisition electronics, Gantrex proposes with a quick assessment to identify wheel/track issues but also assess operator exposure to shock and vibration. Such method translates operation feelings into facts and comparable figures.

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