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When it comes to Ship-to-Shore cranes, reliable and durable drums are essential to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted operation of your crane. At Gantrex we pride ourselves on the high quality standards we bring to the industry ensuring that we provide the most reliable products and innovative solutions to all our customers.


The drums used on STS cranes are a critical component of their operation, providing the power needed to lift and move containers, and to lift the heavy boom to allow for ship docking. At their core, drums used on STS cranes are simply large cylinders that are designed to store and release cable or wire rope as needed. The drum is connected to a motor that rotates the cylinder, causing the cable to be wound or unwound. On a rope pulled trolley there are three types of drums that are installed in the Machine house of the STS crane, the first is for lowering and raising the boom of the crane, the second is for moving the trolley back and forth on the trolley rails and the third to lift and lower containers. On motor mounted trolleys the trolley movement is controlled by motors mounted directly on the trolley, the drum that controls the movement of containers is also normally mounted on the trolley. Each drum is essential for the proper operation of the crane.


The most common drum type that is found on STS cranes is a grooved drum where grooves control how the wire rope is wound and unwound on the drum, it is extremely important to ensure the grooves are properly heat treated during the fabrication process to provide them with extra hardness and extra durability as these are the first items on the grooved drum that would wear out as they are in constant contact with the wire rope.


Use Gantrex’s experience with Drums to your benefit by letting us analyze your drawings before we quote and suggest any improvements that can be made to improve the durability of this critical item on your STS cranes. If you cannot locate the drawings of your drums we can come on site and use the latest tools to translate your drums into 3D drawings, from which we can easily manufacture replacement drums.

Key Features & Benefits

  • All drums are heat treated at the grooves to ensure the correct groove hardness is achieved
  • Drums are manufactured from high grade steel for maximum durability
  • Quality control is done on all drums to ensure all dimensional tolerances and hardness profiles are respected
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Trust in Gantrex to provide you with drums to the highest industry standards. Gantrex is your partner to ensure your cranes run in their most optimal condition, we can review drawings and advise on improvements, or even translate your drums into 3D drawings if required. We can supply you with drums and full drum assemblies. We can even assist you with installing new drums on your cranes. We look forward to being your partner in Crane Parts and Crane Repair Services!


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