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Gantrex in Brief

Gantrex is the global market leader in production, distribution, installation and maintenance of high quality crane rail solutions. Gantrex’ products are used in many different applications and end-markets including ports, shipyards, steel mills, aluminium smelters, railway depots and heavy industries.

Gantrex history started in 1971 in a small office in Nivelles, Belgium, and has since grown into an international company with Sales & Service Centers in 20 countries on 5 continents. From the outset, Gantrex’ strategy has been based on 3 pillars:

  • technological leadership through continuous product development, in which Gantrex invests significantly year after year,
  • a strong local presence with highly qualified staff close to our customers, and
  • top quality products and services to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

“Gantrex’ mission is to strengthen our worldwide market leadership in crane and  specialty rail tracks, maximizing customer value through the development of our  employees, our business practices and innovative solutions offering a one-stop shop for reliable rail fastening supply and installation services”


“Gantrex’ vision as a global market leader is to be the first choice and trusted partner to ensure that your crane runway is installed, operated, monitored and maintained smoothly.”

To achieve this vision, we aim to:

Combine global presence with local support and parts availability, in a true glocal strategy

Ensure we have the best people for the job, and continuously invest in training

Provide the highest level of quality products & services to all our customers across all industries

Expand our ambition beyond the rail system in supporting customer runway operations

Develop digitally enabled solutions to monitor the performance of our systems, and develop preventive maintenance plans accordingly


We have a range of policies in place reflecting and enforcing our ethical standards, including: Gantrex Code of Conduct, Gantrex Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery policies, Gantrex Global Vendor Code of Conduct, Gantrex Global Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery Policy


Gantrex is intent on setting high quality standards for all its products and services, providing its clients with a range of skills that exceed expectations.

To achieve our high standards:

We continuously improve our quality management systems

We promote smooth communication channels allowing us to assess the progress level of our targets and ensuring our competitiveness and profitability

We endorse a strong internal culture prioritizing the planning and integration of Quality, Safety and the Environment

We inspire and monitor all our staff to focus on reaching our goals;

We check, spread and guarantee the application of all our internal policies


Gantrex is committed to protecting the environment and we have placed sustainability at the heart of our strategic plan. Monitoring and improving our environmental impact is the responsibility of everyone in our business. From high level operational and investment decisions to field based solutions at site level, every single person across our operation has a part to play and a contribution to make, creating a healthy future for our people and our planet

From simple recycling policies to larger scale initiatives, sustainability is part of our day to day. Only by investing in the very best technology and systems can we minimize our environmental impact and maximize the health and safety of our workforce We’re proud to see our regional colleagues take ownership of their local environmental and sustainable plans.


Innovation has always been one of the corner stones of Gantrex strategy and has become part of the DNA for every Gantrex employee around the world, whether it is an engineer developing a new product, or a technician improving installation processes to improve efficiency.

At Gantrex, we strongly believe in market leadership through technological and product leadership, as evidenced by the numerous of innovative products we have developed throughout the past decades, most of the time in close collaboration with our customers.


Gantrex founded in Belgium under the name ‘Gantry Railing Continental’


First patent of soft, adjustable and boltable clips


Incorporation of Gantrex Canada


Incorporation of Gantrex USA


First patent of soft, adjustable and weldable clips


Incorporation of Gantrex Germany


Incorporation of Gantrex Spain


Patent trade name "Gantrex"


Incorporation of Gantrex UK


Incorporation of Gantrex Hong-Kong


Incorporation of Gantrex Singapore


Incorporation of Gantrex Middle-East (UAE)


Incorporation of Gantrex Shanghai


Incorporation of Gantrex Beijing


Incorporation of Gantrex India


Incorporation of Gantrex Italy


Patent deposit for RailLok weldable clips & pad


Patent deposit for Gantrex short Rail


Patent deposit for RailLok boltable clips & adjustable chairs


Management Buy Out (Argos + mgmt)


Incorporation of Gantrex Morocco


Incorporation of Gantrex Malaysia


Gantrex 50th Anniversary

Awards & Certifications

corporate governance

Gantrex’ operation is consolidated in a Belgian Holding company, with 13 wholly owned subsidiaries in USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, UAE, India, Singapore and China, and a number of satellite offices in surrounding countries.

Our activity is governed by the Board of Directors, who decide on all strategic matters including the appointment of senior managers who take part in the Group Executive Committee (GEC). The GEC fulfills the Group Management role – empowered by the CEO – and ensures efficient implementation of strategic decisions into Gantrex’ global organization and leads local management on key operational issues. The GEC defines and implements operational strategy, policies, technical and commercial developments, as well as new acquisitions in line with targets set by the Gantrex’ Board of Directors.

Gantrex’ operational structure is reasonably flat in order to ensure that the Group’s operations and decision-making process are efficient and responsive. Strategic, group-related operations are the responsibility of the CEO who is advised by the CFO, COO, CTO, and CMO and the other members of the Executive Committee.

Due to the inherent international character of the Group, the General Managers of Operational Centers and Sales & Service Centers, who are close to their customers and suppliers in their respective time zones, take day-to-day operational decisions following the Company’s policies set by the Executive Committee.

Our People

Group Executive Committee
Your Sales Contacts
Key Managers

Maarten Impens

Group CEO @ Dubai UAE
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Axel Boitel

Group COO @ Nivelles, Belgium
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Barbara Töns

Group CMO @ Nivelles, Belgium
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Frederik Leflot

Group CTO @ Nivelles, Belgium
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Xavier Deedene

Group CFO @ Nivelles, Belgium
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Alberto Beraza

VP S/W Europe & LATAM @ Bilbao
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Bruno Pierobon

VP Asia Pacific @ Singapore
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Ed Ramsey

VP North America @ Pittsburg, USA
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Mark Veydt

President and General Manager-USA @ Pittsburgh, USA
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Patrick Palm

VP N/C/E - Europe and Russia @ Aachen, Germany
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Anthony Chua

Sales Manager SEA @ Singapore
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Harald Schlepuetz

Sales Manager/Key Account Manager @ Aachen, Germany
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Ivan Qu

Chief Sales Rep. China @ Shanghai, China
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Joby George

General Manager @ Ajax, Canada
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Mark Tinney

Sales Manager USA @ Pittsburgh, USA
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Priyanko Sinha

General Manager & Country Head @ Kolkata, India
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Saud Khan

General Manager @ Dubai, UAE
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Sures Sinnadurai

General Manager @ Singapore
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Antonio Bravo

Managing Director Gantrex Crane Solutions S. L. @ Madrid, Spain
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Tomas Hernandez

General Manager LATAM @ Mexico
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Younghan Yoon

Sales Manager Korea @ Seoul, Korea
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Agathe Gergaud

General Manager (Operations) @ Nivelles, Belgium
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Angelique Lecomte

Group Total Quality Manager @ Nivelles, Belgium
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Frank Lee

General Manager (operations) @ Beijing, China
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Ignacio Gorostiaga

General Manager (Operations) @ Bilbao, Spain
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Nicolas Dinter

Group Innovation Manager @ Nivelles, Belgium
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Vince Ditta

General Manager (Operations) Canada @ Ajax, Canada
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Srini Punukollu

Technical Director NAME @ Ajax Canada
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Aaron Ge

Sales Engineer @ Shanghai, China
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Andri Sumardi

Sales Engineer @ Indonesia
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Antonio De Pinho

Sales Engineer @ France
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Chuck Thompson

Sales Engineer @ Alabama, USA
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Coffee Li

Sales Engineer @ Shanghai, China
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Dan Sandu

Sales Engineer @ Ajax, Canada
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Dean Woodward

Sales Engineer @ UK
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Inaki Monzon

Sales Engineer @ Bilbao, Spain
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Jean-Claude Englebert

Sales Engineer @ Dubai
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Jose Lopez

Sales Engineer @ Bilbao, Spain
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Mike Larkin

Sales Engineer @ Pittsburgh, USA
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Sean Ryan

Sales Engineer @ Pittsburgh, USA
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Shavaz Ahammed

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Vincent Morin

Sales Engineer @ Nivelles, Belgium
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Zbigniew Zakrzewski

Sales Engineer @ Poland
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Joshua Hernandez

Sales Engineer @ Ajax, Canada
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