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Headblocks play an extremely important role in the lifting and lowering of containers. First of all, let’s define what is a headblock?

Headblocks are the connection between the wire ropes that are responsible for the lifting and lowering operation and the spreaders that connect to the containers. When it comes to headblocks, reliable, durable assemblies and materials are essential to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted operation of your crane. At Gantrex we pride ourselves on the high-quality standards we bring to the industry, ensuring that we provide the most reliable products and innovative solutions to all our customers.


Each Headblock is unique to the type of crane, hence care must be taken when designing and fitting the headblocks to your cranes. Not only do we need to consider the load the headblocks carry but also how the connection is made to the wire ropes and your spreaders to transmit the lifting forces. At Gantrex we pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and know-how, and can assist you in designing, fabricating, and installing headblocks that fit your cranes effectively.


Use Gantrex’s experience with Headblocks to your benefit by letting us analyze your drawings before we quote and suggest any improvements that can be made to increase the durability of this critical component on your cranes. If you cannot locate the drawings of your headblocks, we can come on site with state-of-the-art instruments to translate your current headblocks into 3D drawings and see what improvement we can introduce to make the operation of your crane more efficient.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Gantrex applies the best engineering practices to design Headblocks that fit your cranes and your application.
  • Gantrex uses latest manufacturing techniques to fabricate Headblocks.
  • All welds are NDT and UT checked by third parties.
  • Quality control is done on all headblocks to ensure all dimensional tolerances are respected.
  • Can be provided with pairs of sheaves if required.
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Trust in Gantrex to provide you with headblocks to the highest industry standards. Gantrex is your partner to ensure your cranes run in their most optimal condition, we can review drawings and advise on improvements, or even translate your headblocks into 3D drawings if required. We can design, supply and even install the full headblock assembly on your cranes.  We look forward to being your partner in Crane Parts and Crane Repair Services!

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Port of Barcelona – Installation

Installation of main hoist sheaves, STS cranes. Project in progress for three ZPMC cranes in the port of Barcelona.

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