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Port CAUCEDO, Dominican Republic


PUERTO CAUCEDO, Dominican Republic

Gantrex has been working with a customer in the Dominican Republic for the last 6 years replacing short rails, the first solution was to improve on the ordinary short rail with a welded stiffener to Full Web Short Rail to eliminate the maintenance required on the stiffener welds, the solution was more robust and the customer was very satisfied with Gantrex performance on the project.

Within 5 years the joint started dipping and a shock was once again felt by the drivers when passing over the joint, the customer has once again looked to Gantrex to see if the life expectancy of the joint could be improved. Our Gantrex HingeGuard was there to save the day, it was installed on the first crane in December 2020, since the first installation the customer has ordered an additional Gantrex HingeGuard system that is to be installed late 2022. This customer loves to use new technologies to solve existing problems and our Gantrex HingeGuard seems to be the perfect fit for the Short Rail Headache! 


Gantrex supplied rails, clips and pads on continuous support.