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We have expanded our Gantrex mechanical service offering beyond traditional crane rail solutions, providing a complete service portfolio for your Cranes. Our Gantrex Port Crane Solutions include a wide range of mechanical services and solutions for all types and makes of cranes. Trust in Gantrex to inspect and analyze your crane and your needs and provide you with solutions such as standard or customized spare parts, 3D scanning of your crane, and full repair and replacement of mechanical components.

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Technical Services
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Technical Services

Gantrex Crane Solutions provides consultation, inspections, technical advice and project management. We carry out structural inspections on all types of cranes, in case of accidents, incidents, cracks, etc. We also do inspections of different mechanical components, lifting and translation systems, trolleys, reducers, dealignments, etc.

Trust in Gantrex for your structural and mechanical needs, we can work with you as a consultant or just provide you timely technical advice for you to act on.

Available in select regions only

3D scanning of STS and RMG Cranes

Do you want to get to know your assets in detail? Why not let us complete a 3D scan of your crane that can be used as an as-build reference for future projects or give depth to your tender documents.

Was there an accident? Let us complete a 3D scan to identify the depth of the affected areas and the scope of repair.

Our 3D scanning software can analyse required areas to +/- 1mm accuracy and provide you with detailed CAD drawings, our engineers and technicians analyse the data and provide you with an easy to understand report of issues encountered and recommended solutions.

Available in select regions only

Mechanical repairs and modifications to cranes

Gantrex can now do all sorts of Mechanical and Structural repairs, our specialty still lies in the replacement of trolley rails and wheels on both STS and Yard Cranes and now we have expanded to structural repairs of the stringer under the rail, replacement of structural and mechanical components such as guide rollers, gears, sheaves, breaks, etc.

Trust in Gantrex to be your Mechanical Maintenance Partner to ensure your assets are always in great condition!

Available in select regions only

Supply of mechanical spare parts with material and design improvements

We would love to be your partner when it comes to spare parts for your cranes. We can supply all sorts of spare parts for all types of STS and Yard Cranes including wheels, sheaves, gears, breaks, motors, etc. If you are having an issue with your current wheels or any other mechanical or structural items our Crane Engineers can analyse the problem and come up with a solution that would be incorporated into the design of the part to improve performance or life cycle.

Trust in Gantrex to be your spare part partner to ensure your assets are kept in optimal shape.

Available in select regions only


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