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Gantrex Spain Awarded Contract to Upgrade Las Palmas Port

As the leading provider of high-quality crane rail solutions, we have been entrusted by the Las Palmas Port Authority to enhance the infrastructure of the Cristóbal Colón Pier at Las Palmas Port for the installation of two Malaccamax container cranes runways.

This project is specifically aimed at facilitating the installation of two Malaccamax container cranes to respond to the growth in container traffic in recent years that The Cristóbal Colón Pier, one of the largest container terminals in the enclave, has witnessed.

As part of this endeavor, we’ve been entrusted with the supply of 1,786 meters of crane rail, 592 rail fixation system units, and 3,000 boltable clips. This extensive upgrade, tailored to accommodate the new cranes, will optimize operational efficiency while ensuring superior durability and safety standards.

Our local team, based in Bilbao in the Basque country, is excited to undertake this project, leveraging our expertise and dedication to delivering cutting-edge crane rail solutions. With a project timeline of four months, we’re geared up to contribute our best to this transformational endeavor at the Cristóbal Colón Pier.

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