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Weldable Rail Clips

Patented Solution

The welded clip comprises of two parts, the welded lower and adjustable upper part.  The lower part is welded to the steel support and the upper part is fixed to the lower part via captive bolt(s).  The lower part welding to the girder is done in the factory or machine shop which allows for quick and easy installation of the upper component on site.

Weldable RailLok™ clips feature the patented additional wedge  Active Contact feature via an inclined bolt which ensures the lateral contact with the rail foot is maintained during installation. Moreover, the Active Contact feature allows for the use of impact wrenches during installation which substantially speeds up installation time while ensuring the proper performance of the clip.  

The Gantrex RailLok clips also incorporate the self-locking wedge design which ensures bolts remain in tension as the clip resists lateral forces applied on it through the toe of the rail.  

Weldable clips are available in different sizes and capacities to suit different rail profiles and wheel loads.  The correct clip selection not only depends on dimensional and mechanical considerations but also on installation contingencies of your particular application. We therefore recommend you contact us to discuss YOUR requirements. 

Key features

  • Quick and Easy installation
  • Active Contacts with foot of the rail
  • Self-locking under lateral force
  • Fix & forget system
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RAILLOK™ Active Contact Design

With our patentedRailLok™ weldable clips, together with our pads, Gantrex has literally rewritten the state of the art. This technology ensures active-contact between the clip and rail.  The Active Contact patented feature allows the use of impact drills as the bolt tilts during torquing to push the clip against the toe of the rail​, reducing installation time. The patented technology increases the clips capacity to address ever growing crane loads and provides a narrower design allowing operational and financial savings. 

The Active contact feature of the RailLok clips improves clip performance in dynamic applications and maintains clip stability by reducing the possibility of the clip backing off from the tow of the rai

The Gantrex RailLok Clip patent is filed under the following numbers across the world: US8205803B2, EP2173947B1, CN101720371B

As a truly global company, we have several clip production sites across the world, from EU origin production to local US production where we are producing a range of “Made in America” clips. Whatever you need – we can accommodate for all local specifics.

RailLok™ clips are available in weldable and boltable versions for different fixing supports. The mechanical performances of the stress resistant clips were certified and tested by worldwide renowned laboratories for specialized Rail Tracks Construction.

Our Weldable clips range

Gantrex Technical Drawing Weldable Rail Clip


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