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Wire rope Rollers play a vital role in the smooth and efficient operation of container cranes, they are designed to guide and support the wire ropes that are used for lifting and lowering containers, lifting and lowering the boom, and allowing for trolley movements of rope-pulled trolleys. Wire rope rollers are strategically positioned at key points on the trolley, catenary and along the boom to minimize the snag on the wire ropes and to protect the wire ropes from frictional damage by ensuring the wire rope slides along the rollers instead of the structure of the crane.


The rollers are normally cylindrical or barrel-shaped, with a central bore that is precisely engineered to accommodate the diameter of the wire rope, ensuring a proper fit and minimizing friction during operation. Bearings are typically installed in all rollers before they can be mounted on a shaft or axle. It is extremely important to ensure proper bearings are supplied with the rollers to maximize their durability and reliability. At Gantrex we pride ourselves on the high-quality standards we bring to the industry, ensuring that we provide the most reliable products and innovative solutions to all our customers.


The surface of the wire rope rollers is typically smooth and polished to reduce friction and wear to the wire ropes. This helps to maintain the integrity of the wire ropes and prolong their lifespan. The rollers can be manufactured out of metal or high strength Teflon, the latter being more common in the industry.


Proper maintenance and periodic inspection of the wire rope rollers are essential to ensure their optimal performance. Regular lubrication and cleaning help to prevent the accumulation of debris ensuring smooth and reliable wire rope movement.


Use Gantrex’s experience with wire rope rollers to your benefit by letting us analyze your drawings before we quote and suggest any improvements that can be made to improve the durability of this critical item on your STS cranes. If you cannot locate the drawings of your rollers we can come on site and use the latest tools to translate your rollers into 3D drawings, from which we can easily manufacture replacement rollers.

Key Features

  • Wire rope rollers are normally manufactured from high strength Teflon for maximum durability
  • Quality control is done on all rollers to ensure all dimensional tolerances and hardness profiles are respected
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Trust in Gantrex to provide you with rollers to the highest industry standards. Gantrex is your partner to ensure your cranes run in their most optimal condition, we can review drawings and advise on improvements, or even translate your rollers into 3D drawings if required. We can supply you with rollers and full roller assemblies. We can even assist you in the installation of rollers on your cranes. We look forward to being your partner in Crane Parts and Crane Repair Services!

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