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Tieback Assemblies : The Gantrex Solution

Tiebacks are the connections between girders and building columns that facilitate the transfer of vertical, longitudinal and lateral forces generated by crane travels down runways.

While traditional tiebacks formed rigid connections that cannot handle the complex stresses caused by the girder rotation and deflections and failed in fatigue, Gantrex came up with an innovative solution.

GANTREXâ„¢ Tiebacks incorporate a steel link with bearings at each end. The link design allows the forces to be transferred rigidly into the column while the bearings provide flexibility to accommodate the girder deflection and end rotation. The bearings are life time lubricated and require no maintenance in normal day-to-day operations.

GANTREXâ„¢ Crane Girder Tiebacks, supplied only as complete assemblies with crane girder and column brackets, can be designed by our in-house R&D department to suit your crane loading and building configuration.

Furnace bay, hot and cold mills, pickling and annealing lines, slab yard, coil storage, shipping, cast house, pot lines, anode bake building, etc. Whatever your industry or the application, you can trust our local Gantrex Team to install those Tieback Assemblies respecting the highest quality standards.

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