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The New Gantrex RailLok™ BG05

Our New BG05 Boltable Clip: the latest rail fastening clip of the Gantrex RailLok™ Series developed by our in-house R&D department. The team specifically designed the clip for the needs of the warehousing industry. We will officially launch end of May 2022 at LogiMAT in Stuttgart, Germany,  

The new Gantrex RailLok™ BG05 clip has been developed to optimize the size of the fastener while respecting the forces to be taken. It is expanding our range of clips for the automated warehouse industry’s specific needs, resisting to a maximum lateral force of 25 kN.  

As the new RailLok™ BG05 clip is designed specifically for the warehousing industry, it is adapted to a large range of rails used in this challenging industry. Our in-house R&D experts tested the lateral resistance and also the uplift resistance under all kind of conditions. As for all the clips of the Gantrex RailLok™ Series, the new BG05 Clip features the patented Active Contact design that allows for quick, easy and efficient installation. 

We are convinced that the new Gantrex RailLok™ BG05 Clip will become the standard in the warehousing industry – if you’d like to receive more information, Gantrex has a local contact everywhere for you, ready to answer all your questions.