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As we launch and roll out our exciting new Gantrex Port Crane Solutions portfolio across the Gantrex regions, we wanted to take a moment to catch up with Antonio Bravo Silva, MD and Founder of ABS Consultoría Tecnica, now Managing Director of the new Gantrex portfolio company: Gantrex Crane Solutions. Over the course of our interview Antonio shares his thoughts on the shared values that make the integration such a natural fit for both organizations and his thoughts on what it takes to build loyalty in the port sector.

Antonio Bravo Silva – Quick Facts

  • Position : Managing Director Gantrex Crane Solutions
  • Base : Madrid, Spain
  • Industry Experience : Antonio founded ABS Consultoría Tecnica in 2015  and has since gone on to  build a business which has become a leader in the provision of mechanical services and solutions for all types and makes of port cranes.
  • Guiding Principle : With hard work, perseverance and enthusiasm, everything is achievable.

Antonio, in a recent press release you referred to a clear business synergy that exists between ABS Consultor and Gantrex. Could you tell us more about the specific synergies you have identified?

The natural ones for me initially were those relating to a shared vision to put the customer at the heart of everything we do, and in support of this the amount of investment, commitment and genuine desire to deliver quality in everything that we do.

What’s been fascinating for me, however,  is that even in the very short time since our collaboration, we have identified even more synergies between our two organisations and the impact of these, combined, will be even more powerful than we first thought.

We can see now that both of the teams, Gantrex Group and Gantrex Crane Solutions, have been following a very similar path over recent years and this is something that bodes so well for the future of the new division. As we continue to integrate, and build our future direction of growth, we can already identify the points along the way where our business, our teams and our customers will see real and measurable benefit from the coming together of our two organisations.

Early indications from customers are already very positive and I believe that the industry will see the new Gantrex Crane Solutions operations as a significant step forward in terms of expert Port Crane Solutions offered.

You’ve referenced the importance of a customer centric approach. What do you think customers look for specifically in port sector?

From my experience the key is to stay extremely close to the customer at all times. Be present, be visible, be proactive, be accountable, and fully understand each customers needs. Being able to proactively identify and anticipate their issues and needs is the only way that we can be truly consultative, providing a quick, efficient and, above all, quality response. By investing the time, resource and energy into getting to know each customer and each of their cranes, we build a strong platform based on insights and knowledge which allows us to act as a real partner and build lasting, valuable, trusting relationships.

Brand credibility also has a big part to play in building loyalty. Customers want to work with partners who have proven expertise, who have strong reputations, who have demonstrable experience in the sector and who have the power to invest in appropriate research, development, technology and expertise. The sector is not as big as people think and the fact that the brand is well known is crucial to build trust. When it comes to technology, the port sector is no different to any other. It’s adopting new technologies, new ways of working, and new tools for consulting and inspection, so again, brand credibility, financial strength and a commitment to investment are key, in fact fundamental.

A key focus for us moving forwards will be the diversification and development of our services portfolio. And in doing this we will be showing our commitment to the sector, making it clear that we are building a long-term vision for the business. Today, we are just at the start of what promises to be an incredibly exciting journey.

What kind of leadership style will you be adopting to guide your teams through this exciting transition?

Well, I have always tried to be one of the team and I will continue to work that way. The transition and all the opportunities that it will bring, has to be a total team effort. Only by taking the next steps together can we realize the vision that we want to achieve. The effort must be made by everyone, and it is always good to have gone through all the different functions to value the work of your organisation.

And in terms of style, well it will be the same as I have done so far, one that is full of energy and enthusiasm, as a leader and not just a boss.


And finally, what advice would you give to someone who wants to enter this industry and build a career like yours?

I’d tell them that with hard work, perseverance and enthusiasm everything can be achieved. But that it is not easy: there are hours of hard work, lost sleep and a lot of responsibility. You must have the eagerness to do it and a supportive family is hugely beneficial too.