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#TeamGantrex Aachen taking hands-on environmental actions

In five steps, the Aachen team created a unique and special area, which we will soon present to you.

A piece of land that has so far been unused, besides repeatedly serving as a test track for our new product and service technologies, has been mowed and the turf removed. At this point we don’t want to reveal yet exactly what we’re doing there, because we want to give you the chance to guess…

So, what’s being created between our test tracks?

The physical effort was well worth it, and we are very proud of the fact that our team is working together outside regular working hours to create something that benefits nature. We are sure that our project will not only look beautiful, but will also make a small but important contribution to the protection of biodiversity.

We would like to emphasize our commitment to sustainability in other areas. Gantrex is eager to have a positive impact on the environment in everything we do, for example, by applying environmentally friendly technologies and promoting sustainable business practices.

It shows that every step towards sustainability and environmental protection can serve as a further impulse to inspire others to tackle similar projects.

TeamGantrex Aachen taking hands-on environmental actions