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Gantrex Asia Pacific Sales Meeting

Team Gantrex across Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, India and China meet to develop growth and customer centric strategies

Our Asia Pacific (APAC) local Gantrex teams have gathered together in Thailand for the APAC Sales Meeting.

From 19-23 September our colleagues from Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, India and China have shared their vision, together with their valuable market insights, to align around future growth strategies, with delivering the best possible customer experience as a key pillar to develop these strategies. Our local experts have the experience, know-how and the drive to provide our customers with the products, solutions and services to meet their needs and solve their issues in the more than 15 industries that we’re active on. We’re totally customer focused, whatever your industry and the complexities or your project, our Gantrex teams are looking forward to partnering with you and develop the personalized specialty solutions you need.

Contact your local Gantrex team and find out how our expertise in innovative solutions and our extensive range of specialized and new services can add value to your operation. We are the market leaders and we’re on track, with you.