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Gantrex HingeGuard™ Short Rail in Le Havre - GMP

GMP, Générale de Manutention Portuaire, is the French leader in port container handling at the Port of Le Havre. It also offers complementary services for warehouse storage, container unloading and stuffing, and off-garage parcel handling. GMP pays particular attention to their staff, their fleet of modern equipment and their commitment to operational efficiency and safety.


GMP has noticed an increase in musculoskeletal disorders among their gantry crane drivers, characterized by pain and discomfort in movement. To avoid incapacity and disruption to daily life of the crane drivers GMP was looking to implement adequate preventive measures. This is why GMP called on Gantrex’s expertise to reduce the vibrations generated by the movement of the trolley across the Hinge Joint, thus considerably improving comfort inside the driver’s cabin.


Our team of Gantrex professionals conducted a comprehensive on-site inspection of the gantry crane, focusing keenly on the Hinge Joint junction and performing a detailed vibration analysis during typical operational scenarios. This examination revealed previously unnoticed significant wear issues. Subsequent analysis of these findings empowered our Gantrex engineering team to craft a customized solution, specifically tailored to address the problems encountered by GMP.


This solution was made possible by our latest patented innovation, the Gantrex HingeGuard™ short rail. A short rail, developed in-house by our own R&D department, which reduces vibrations – caused by the trolley passing over the Hinge Joint – at the driver’s seat up to 60% and at the trolley by 30%, as well as reducing shocks at the trolley by 25%. This reduction translates into significantly improved comfort for crane operators. What’s more, this reduction also helps to increase the longevity of the entire rail system and crane, coinciding perfectly with the sustainability values shared by GMP and Gantrex.


Our local installation teams carried out the installation of the Gantrex HingeGuard™ Short Rail seamlessly, minimizing crane downtime. The highly skilled Gantrex installers applied their expertise to ensure that this bespoke Gantrex HingeGuard™ Short Rail solution was not only implemented, but installed with precision ensuring an optimum result. This result was also made possible by our self-driven platform, ensuring fast, efficient and safe installation. In fact, our very own Gantrex platforms can support rails of up to 12m length. That’s a lot more than comparable platforms, this minimizes the number of welds on the trolley rail system which in turn makes the trolley rail system more robust as a whole.


Following installation of the Gantrex HingeGuard™ short rail, GMP was able to see tangible results in vibration reduction through vibration measurement during post-installation operation. The reduction of shocks and vibrations enhanced the comfort within the driver’s cabin and  increased satisfaction among crane operators which created a more pleasant and quieter working environment, ultimately enhancing overall efficiency The pre and post installation vibration measurements and analysis was performed by a third party, Stratébord, a private service provider specializing in port equipment, who carried out a series of analyses confirming the data. The results exceeded initial expectations. In fact, Stratébord observed a 36% reduction in vibrations and a 50% reduction in shocks at trolley level. This exceeds the 30% and 25% reductions we had anticipated when installing the Gantrex HingeGuard™.  The overall success of this test and the overwhelming approval of the crane drivers for this innovative solution has the potential of having the Gantrex HingeGuard™ system incorporated into the specifications of future GMP gantry cranes.


In conclusion, Gantrex proved to be a unique partner throughout this project for GMP. Thanks to the synergy between our technical teams and the installation staff, we were able to exceed GMP’s initial expectations. Not only did we design, supply and install a tailor-made solution, but we also ensured ongoing monitoring of its effectiveness. This solution went far beyond improving the working environment of the crane drivers by reducing vibration and noise; it also delivered third-party validated results beyond those initially expected. This project perfectly illustrates Gantrex’s commitment to being an innovative partner, providing solutions that meet the most demanding standards.