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Gantrex's Retractable Roof System On Display at the 2023 MLB All-Star Game

We are proud to be part of the success story of the 2023 MLB All-Star Game held at Seattle T-Mobile Park (formerly Safeco Field). Gantrex was entrusted with the design, supply, and installation of this unique retractable roof system that graces this iconic venue.

Behind the success of the retractable roof system at Seattle T-Mobile Park lies the dedication and expertise of our local technical and installation team. With a passion for excellence, our skilled professionals meticulously executed every aspect of the project, ensuring the delivery of Gantrex Quality at its finest. From the initial planning stages to the final installation, our team worked tirelessly to ensure that every detail adhered to the highest industry standards. Their profound knowledge, attention to detail, and problem-solving capabilities were instrumental in bringing the vision to life.

One of the most exceptional aspects of this project was the requirement to design the roof and rail system to withstand a 100-year seismic event. At Gantrex, we embrace challenges and excel in delivering solutions that surpass industry standards. To ensure the reliability of our design, we subjected it to rigorous testing on a specially crafted test bench, validating its ability to withstand seismic forces.

Our commitment to engineering excellence and innovation was further recognized when our unique design was prominently featured on the front cover of Engineering News Record. It is a testament to the dedication and expertise of our team, who continually push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of rail and crane infrastructure.

At Gantrex, we remain committed to elevating the standards of rail infrastructure across the globe. The 2023 MLB All-Star Game was a remarkable showcase of our passion for engineering excellence and our commitment to delivering innovative solutions.