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Gantrex Technical Snippets: The Benefits of Gantrex Pads

Using Gantrex patented pads underneath a crane rail delivers real performance benefits

There’s lots of reasons to use a Gantrex pad under the crane rail.

For example, if the rail sits directly on the steel plate you’ll have a lot of high stress concentration and high stress point contacts between the steel and the rail. By inserting a rubber layer in-between the rail and the steel surface, you create a much better distribution of forces which in turn leads to a reduction in the stress on the foundation level.

Gantrex in-house R&D has conducted extensive FEA analysis to understand how the use of pads reduces the stress distribution within the rail as well. And the results are clear. Better contact stress means that the inclusion of a pad effectively moves the load from the edge of the rail to the centerline​. This allows for load transfer through the centerline of the railhead and rail.

In addition, a pad provides protection to the upper surface of the girder from abrasion and wear.

Would you like to know more, for instance why the Gantrex pad has a grooved upper surface ? Get in touch with us to listen to the first Gantrex Technical Snippets Vodcast with our in-house expert Steve providing detailed explanations and insights around this topic. Contact us to find out!

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Gantrex Technical Snippets: The Benefits of Gantrex Pads

The Benefits of Gantrex Pads