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Nivelles (Belgium), March 1st 2017 – After many years in a successful working arrangement, Gantrex and Oleo International are proud to announce the signing of an exclusive distributor agreement in over 100 countries worldwide for Oleo’s Industrial line of hydraulic buffers. Oleo industrial buffers provide effective energy absorption solutions for a wide range of applications including dockside cranes, steelworks, mining, warehousing and energy..

Maarten Impens, Gantrex Group CEO, commented: “Having worked alongside Oleo for a number of decades in North America, we are pleased to further strengthen our ties with Oleo with the signing of the new distributor agreement in other key markets. Gantrex has a solid local presence in industrial markets around the world, which is what we bring to the table in this renewed partnership. What I admire in Oleo is their commitment to quality and their devotion to customer service, and that’s what makes us a perfect fit.”

Grégory Le Brasseur, Oleo’s Commerical Director for Rail & Industrial , commented: “Having worked with Gantrex for a number of years in North America and Belgium, Oleo International is delighted to announce the signing of our latest distributor agreement with Gantrex which will extend our relationship to another 109 countries. We are impressed by Gantrex’s strategic vision for the future to reach out to a greater number of customers worldwide and together become, a powerful force in the industrial sector. By working together with Gantrex in this extended way, we will capitalise on a rare business opportunity which is built on existing trust and a genuine desire to work together between two well-matched partners.”

About Gantrex and Oleo

Gantrex is the global market leader in production, distribution, installation and maintenance of high quality crane rail solutions and crane accessories. Its products are used in many different applications and end-markets including ports, shipyards, steel mills, aluminium smelters, railway depots and heavy industries. The group realized a turnover of €85m in 2015 and employs approximately 300 people globally in 17 countries.

OLEO is the  leading expert in energy absorption technology supplying solutions to the industrial, elevator and rail sectors. For over sixty years Oleo has been involved in design and manufacture of energy absorption technology for a variety of industries and continues to innovate and patent new products.