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As Gantrex evolved from a Belgian supplier of rail fastening systems to a global service-oriented engineering company, it was important that the corporate identity remained in line with its vision and strategic goals.

In developing its new identity, Gantrex collaborated with renowned marketing firm The House of Marketing and with a number of employees, customers and business partners to capture the essence of the company’s raison d’être. The new logo has been designed to reflect a sense of change while reminding us to remain true to the core values of the Gantrex brand: Quality Expertise. Respect. Client-proximity. Innovation.

Since its conception in 1971, Gantrex invested heavily in its international presence. With offices in 17 countries, Gantrex has a footprint in every major industrial market on all continents and it is exactly the close relation with key customers that has allowed for multiple innovative new products. Gantrex’ R&D-driven strategy, in combination with the development of its global installation activities, provides them with unique market position as a one-stop shop offering of design, supply and installation of crane and specialty rail track solutions.

Maarten Impens, Gantrex CEO, commented: « Whilst we are proud of our 45 year legacy as market leader in the world of crane rail solutions, we felt that our corporate image no longer resonated with that of a dynamic, innovative company. The new corporate look-and-feel better reflects the company we are today. With the launch of our new corporate identity, we turn another page in the new chapter we have been writing the past nine months. Our marketing department has worked very hard to develop a new visual identity that reflects the brand values for which Gantrex stands and they can be truly proud of their work”

About Gantrex

Founded in 1971 and having its headquarters in Nivelles (Belgium) and regional headquarters in Asia, Canada, Europe, India, UAE and United States, Gantrex is the global market leader in production, distribution, installation and maintenance of high quality crane rail solutions. Its products are used in many different applications and end-markets including ports, shipyards, steel mills, aluminum smelters, railway depots and heavy industries. Gantrex offers its products and services across the world and operates four production sites in Belgium, Spain, Canada and China. The group realized a turnover of €85m in 2015 and employs approximately 300 people globally in 17 countries. In October 2015, Gantrex was acquired by Argos-Soditic, a pan-European investment fund with offices in Paris, Milan, Brussels, Frankfurt and Geneva.