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Gantrex: New Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid Running on Gantrex Technology

Modern sport stadiums are more than just sport venues, they are engineering marvels that demand the highest standards of precision and innovation.

At Gantrex, we are proud of our role in enhancing the fan experience and the operational efficiency of the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid, Spain. The stadium’s retractable roof and innovative retractable grass surface are powered by Gantrex rail systems. Our Gantrex solution ensures the Bernabéu stadium can transform from a world-class football field to a concert venue or any other event space, all while protecting the quality of the playing surface.

On top of the supply and installation of rails, clips and pads for the customized rail system of the stadium’s retractable roof, our local team in Madrid also supplied the materials for the retractable grass surface.

The Santiago Bernabéu project is yet another soccer stadium running on Gantrex rail solutions, besides the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, another example of successful installation of our Gantrex rail solutions. All proof points that Gantrex is the trusted partner for rail specialty applications.