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Gantrex HingeGuard™ Short Rail now available in various lengths 

The Gantrex HingeGuard™ Short Rail is a self-damping short rail solution designed to support the trolley track constraints and to easily enable the boom opening at the hinge joint of the crane. This patented innovative solution has a unique characteristic which enables it to extend the soft mounting features used for all our fixing systems to the hinge. A complete tailor-made system solution, it can be completely adapted to the needs of each individual installation.
With this innovative short rail solution getting installed around the world, we have also listened to our customer requests for additional customization:   

We have been working behind the scenes on our Gantrex HingeGuard™ to ensure it easily fits the hinge joints on your existing cranes. Our in-house Technical and Operation teams have been working really hard to extend the length of our Gantrex HingeGuard™ Short Rail which is now available from 1.4m to 2m lengths.  

We would normally use 1.4m lengths on new cranes or cranes that require a complete trolley rail replacement, the 1.4m length allows for easy maintenance of the short rail system in the future.
The longer 1.6m to 2m lengths can now be used to easily replace existing solutions, normally we see ordinary solutions vary in lengths, but majority have a weld at 1.5m from the joint. Using a 1.6m HingeGuard™ Short Rail will avoid the heat affected zone of the 1.5m ordinary solution and will minimize the effort and time required to install the new Gantrex HingeGuard™ Short Rail system on your current cranes.  

Feel free to contact your local Gantrex representative to find out more and to see how we can improve your driver’s comfort by reducing the shock felt at the hinge joint.  

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