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Gantrex Earth Day : Belgium

Team Gantrex demonstrated its commitment to environmental sustainability by participating in Earth Day 2023. A team from Gantrex Belgium came together to clean up litter and plant fruit trees around their office building in Nivelles.

The team of volunteers spent the morning picking up trash and debris from the surrounding areas, including the adjacent park. They filled bags with various types of litter, ranging from plastic bottles and wrappers to cigarette butts and broken glass.

After the cleanup, the team planted apple, pear, cherry, and raspberry trees in designated areas around the office building. The fruit trees will not only contribute to the aesthetic beauty of the area but also provide a sustainable source of food for wildlife and humans alike.

Gantrex is dedicated to sustainability, and this initiative is just one of the many ways the company is making a positive impact on the environment. By taking this action, Gantrex is demonstrating its commitment to sustainable business practices and helping to create a greener, more sustainable future for everyone.

“Our team was thrilled to take part in this initiative,” said a Agathe Gergaud, the General Manager of the Operation Center for Gantrex Belgium. “We believe that every action we take, no matter how small, can make a significant impact on our environment. We are proud to have contributed to this important cause and look forward to continuing our efforts to create a more sustainable future for generations to come.”

Gantrex’s commitment to environmental sustainability is part of its larger corporate responsibility initiative. The company aims to reduce its environmental footprint through a range of measures, including energy efficiency, waste reduction, and responsible sourcing. By working together, Gantrex believes that we can make a difference in creating a more sustainable world.