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Gantrex Crane Solutions: 1 year already!

On 20th January 2022, Gantrex, with the acquisition of Bravo Silva Consultoría Técnica, S.L., took the first step executing the “Gantrex 4.0” strategic plan, in which Gantrex aims to provide even more finetuned customer services through the addition of mechanical services and new digital solutions.

Today marks 1 year since we welcomed the incredibly talented ABS Consultor team, now Gantrex Crane Solutions (GCS) that has become the core of our Port Crane Solutions business offer. With the addition of GCS to #TeamGantrex, we respond to our customers’ request to go beyond our traditional scope and include a wider range of mechanical services. This has allowed for the scope of services to be expanded and provide a more complete offering to customers in the region. After only 12 months in operation the milestones outlined in our strategic plan have been fulfilled succesfully with numerous projects that have contributed to strengthen our robust pipeline.

Kudos to the all the Gantrex teams around the world involved in making the integration of the GCS expertise in the Gantrex offering such an important and seamless step towards our quest to continuously optimize the services we provide to our customers.

Looking forward to keep growing our Gantrex Port Crane Solutions with all of you.