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Gantrex Charity Initiative in Togo, Africa

We are happy to announce a collaboration initiative of Gantrex with a Belgian non-profit organization (BPTG) , and a local partner in Togo, Africa (SEM-Togo). This transformative charity initiative in Gati, Togo,  aims to significantly improve sanitation practices and community health and well-being.

The Sanitation Challenge in Gati, Togo

With a population of 800, Gati has long time sanitation challenges, resulting in limited access to proper facilities. This dire situation has impacted public health and also posed environmental concerns due to inadequate waste management.

Objectives of the Initiative

  1. Accessibility to Toilets: The primary goal is to provide the population with accessible and functional sanitary facilities, ensuring a fundamental human right for improved sanitation.
  2. Efficient Waste Management: streamline the sanitary waste management, ensuring a more efficient and hygienic waste disposal system.
  3. Sustainable Farming Practices: By promoting the beneficial use of dry toilet residues in organic farming, we will create a sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural ecosystem.
  4. Reducing Water-Related Diseases: Enhancing sanitation facilities is crucial to fostering a healthier community.

Our Collective Approach

We at Gantrex, in collaboration with BPTG and SEM Togo, will execute this initiative, starting in January 2024. By addressing sanitation challenges, we will significantly contribute to the well-being and prosperity of the Gati community.