The CRAMIC Program (CRane dyanaMICs)

The Challenge

Historically, it has been assumed that cranes behave in a static or cyclic manner. However, recent observation proves that due to higher speeds and loads, cranes are displaying dynamic behaviour which is resulting in significant damage to the crane, the track and its supporting foundations. This adversely affects the integrity of the crane rail system leading to reduced performance, system down time and costly repairs.

As the challenges for crane rail systems continue to increase, it is essential that a solution is found to the adverse affects of dynamic crane behaviour. The CRAMIC (CRane dynAMICs) program has been established to focus on this and provide a solution by:

  • Undertaking the necessary research to provide valuable data and insight into dynamic behaviour
  • Better understanding the negative impacts such behaviours have on the crane rail system
  • Building that learning into the design phase of new products and systems
  • Enabling the customer to make better informed decisions and specifications

Program preparation research has recently been completed and has resulted in the discovery of a number of phenomena which will be addressed. These include:

  • Flexibility of cranes
  • Movement of loads
  • Wheel/rail contact
  • Uneven support

These serve as the focus for activity throughout the program.


We are experts in our field and are committed to designing and delivering the most innovative and technically superior crane rail solutions for our customers. It is vital that we use the expertise that we have to help shape the future of crane rail systems and ensure that we work with industry leaders to design solutions that will improve the efficiency and performance of the crane runway now and for the future.


CRAMIC is a 3 year research program. Launching in September 2019 it will follow a phased schedule as below:

  • Phase 1 – Impact Scope: Master and quantify the impact of the dynamic effects.
  • Phase 2 – Solution Development: Develop new or improve existing crane track technologies to provide a solution to the challenge.
  • Phase 3 – Performance Monitoring: Equip new or existing crane tracks with monitoring tools to organize maintenance.

Throughout each phase, the CRAMIC teams will analyse findings and draw practical conclusions. These findings will be shared via our website. You can also follow program progress through updates made available on LinkedIn.

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The CRAMIC program is a collaboration between Gantrex, SENSY, UCLouvain and BBRI. Each of the organisations will play a key role throughout the program according to their specific areas of expertise.

  • SENSY – Specialist manufacturers of weighing and monitoring technologies
  • BBRI – Concrete Specialist
  • University of Louvain – Modelling, simulation and validation

We are delighted to have their support as specialists in their field.

Further Information

If you would like any further information on the CRAMIC program contact the Program Leader here.

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