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Gantrex Trolley Rail Service

Problems with the boom hinge rails?

Gantrex can help you with your short rail headaches. Our specialists can analyze your particular failure modes and suggest systematic or design fixes to improve the situation. Whatever your situation there is always a solution, rely on Gantrex to help you find yours.

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Solving maintenance headaches

During the initial analysis, our specialists can discuss the different failure modes with your maintenance personnel and provide them with worldwide best practices and maintenance techniques to improve the performance of your current short rails and trolley rails.

Gantrex Capabilities

Gantrex can easily take on the full project of replacing the trolley or short rail systems. We pride ourselves on timely delivery and exceptional quality. The below are just some of Gantrex’ capabilities.

  • System Analysis
  • Detailed Inspection and Surveys
  • System Design and Engineering Services
  • Material Supply
  • Trolley Rail and Short Rail Installation Services
  • Scaffolding Installation

Whatever the scope of your project, Gantrex can easily help you, contact us at to start the conversation.

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Detailed Inspections and Surveys

Knowing what you need to replace is extremely important, Gantrex can help you build a scope of work with a proper detailed inspection and a survey of your full trolley rail system. Our surveys and inspection would shed some light on the wear of your rail system and wheels, and provide you with a maintenance hierarchy to allow your personnel concentrate on the minor things that will give you the most benefit. To find out more contact our Trolley Rail Services manager at

System Design and Engineering Services

The backbone of a good system is a great design. Over the years Gantrex has analyzed countless short rail systems on all crane types and has helped terminals to minimize their maintenance issues by improving not only the short rail but the fixing system as a whole. Each GANTREX™ system comes with engineered drawings and suggestions to improve the short rail area as a whole.

Contact one of our knowledgeable personnel at to see how can Gantrex improve your Short Rail System

example of design Gantrex provide to the customers

Innovative Materials

Gantrex is the world largest supplier of short rail systems and is able to tailor custom solutions depending on budgetary and operational constraints.

Gantrex’ solutions can range from inexpensive simply machined rails to the more innovative rails with vulcanized rubber. Some of the short rail solutions provided by Gantrex are listed below.

Standard Short Rails

  • Standard rail machined to a given joint profile
  • Very inexpensive solution sometime installed on cranes with very low utilization rates
  • Subject to accelerated wear and plastic deformation of the railhead due to decreased rail web thickness

Standard Short Rail with Welded Stiffener

  • Standard rail machined to a given joint profile with a welded stiffener between the rail head and rail toe
  • Inexpensive solution sometime installed on cranes with low to medium utilization rates
  • The stiffener increases vertical stiffness to minimize the plastic deformation at top of railhead
  • Normally requires the use of softer rails to ensure a good weld between the stiffener and rail
  • Cracks can appear within the weld between the rail and stiffener within months of operation
  • It is very important to keep an eye on the stiffener cracks and fix as necessary before they propagate into the rail

Full Web Short Rail

  • Machined section of rail that keeps a uniform thickness of material from the railhead to rail toe
  • A robust solution recommended for cranes with medium to high utilization rates
  • The square section of rail at the joint increases the vertical stiffness to minimize the plastic deformation at the top of the railhead
  • Minimizes the required maintenance at the joint by eliminating the stiffener welds
  • The rail is machined from higher grade material to minimize the wear at the top of the railhead which prolongs the life cycle of the short rail

GANTREX™ Short Rail

  • The new innovative short rail design by Gantrex to tackle the maintenance issues observed with the short rail system
  • The railhead is separated from the rail foot with a vulcanized rubber layer
  • A reliable solution recommended for cranes with medium to high utilization rates
  • Amortizes the shocks and vibrations due to trolley movements over the boom hinge
  • Minimizes the maintenance associated with the short rail system
  • Minimizes the localized wear at the railhead
  • Minimizes wear and tera to the short rail system and crane structure
  • Prolongs the life cycle of the whole short rail system
  • Maximizes crane productivity by increasing driver comfort
Feel free to contact Gantrex at to find out which solution will be most applicable to your unique situation.

GANTREX™ Short Rail

The rail joint area is subject to very high duty cycles as the trolley moves containers from ship to shore and vise versa. As the trolley wheel passes over the rail joint between the boom and girder it introduces shocks and vibrations that are transferred into the whole trolley rail system. These shocks and vibrations accelerate the wear and tear of the short rail, the short rail fixing system, trolley and crane structure.

To minimize the shocks and vibrations at the boom hinge area Gantrex has developed the GANTREX™ Short Rail solution which includes an elastomeric layer vulcanized into the web of the rail.


Vibration results gathered from different installations around the world show great amortization of shocks and vibrations. The rubber layer helps in absorbing the vibration transferred from the trolley wheels into the trail and minimizes the shocks as the trolley wheel travels over the rail joint.

The reduction of shocks and vibrations:

  • Minimizes the wear and tear on the rail system
  • Minimizes the vibrations induced on the clamps and clips
  • Prevents the loosening of bolts and nuts
  • Minimizes the fatigue related failures in the crane structure
  • Prolongs the life cycle of the short rail system
  • Improves driver comfort and confidence

GANTREX™ Short Rail Fixing System

Gantrex has improved the performance of the clamping system at the short rail area by separating the function of each component. GANTREX™ Short Rail Clamps are designed to improve the vertical clamping force applied on the short rail. Lateral fixing is achieved by the new double bolted RailLok™ clips, which are extremely stable under dynamic loads. Longitudinal fixing is achieved by specially designed, staggered fixed points.

The improved fixing system with all the necessary engineered drawings can be supplied for all short rail solutions.

Contact Gantrex via to see how Gantrex can help you improve your short rail fixing system

Gantrex has designed a new short rail clamp to minimize vertical vibrations at the short rail area.

The GANTREX™ Short Rail Clamps were designed with the below benefits:
  • Increased clamping force at the short rail area
  • Improved vertical contact between the clamp and short rail foot
  • Improved interface between the clamp upper and lower component
    • Further minimizes the transfer of shock and vibration into the clip and stringer
    • Improves the force transfer between the short rail, short rail clamp and the stringer
  • Improved bolt, nut and washer design to minimize the loosening of bolts and nuts
    • Minimizes the possibility of contact loss between the GANTREX™ Short Rail Clamp and rail foot

Installation Services

Rely on Gantrex to help you with your next short rail or trolley rail replacement project from Engineering to Installation. Gantrex personnel are specialized short rail and trolley rail installers with world wide experience, our installation teams implement industry leading best practices and install the trolley rail systems to the highest quality standards. Click on the video to see what our customers say.

A good installation goes a long way, to improve the robustness of the short rail solution as a whole Gantrex can install the full system to the highest Quality Standards while implementing latest industry best practices.

Contact Gantrex at to find out more about our expertise.

Welding of the rail joints is the most critical item in the short rail or trolley rail installation process. A good rail weld will ensure the joint survives the test of time. Gantrex employs some of the world’s best rail welders to ensure all our rails are welded to the highest industry standards

A good scaffolding system does not only provide a safe working platform but also needs to be easy to install and remove to save valuable crane down time.

Gantrex has developed the GANTREX™ Modular Scaffolding System with a reputable scaffolding company in the United States to ensure safe access to the trolley and short rail area.

The GANTREX™ Modular Scaffolding System is:
  • OSHA Certified and Load Tested (American Safety Standards)
  • Has a modular design to fit any crane and provides a continuous scaffold to any length
  • Allows for very fast mobilization and removal
    • First installation: 6 - 8 hours for 40m of scaffolding
    • Subsequent installation: 2 - 4 hours for 40m of scaffolding
    • Removal: 2 - 4 hours for 40m of scaffolding
    • Trolley rail installation: 2 - 3 days for 200m of scaffolding
    • Can be reduced to 1 day with preliminary work
    • Trolley rail removal: 1 day for 200m of scaffolding

Need just a little assistance in installing or running a short rail or trolley rail replacement project, you can rely on Gantrex Engineers to ensure your project runs smoothly and all material is installed properly. Gantrex can provide expert Technical Assistance and Supervision personnel.

Good Short Rail Installation Practices

A good short rail installation minimizes crane downtime and incorporates good installation techniques that prevent unnecessary future maintenance.

To ensure a successful and fast installation the contractor performing the work needs to be prepared with all the necessary items, this can be achieved by visiting the cranes and performing all the necessary measurements to predict the list of items that will be required to properly install the short rails to the necessary tight tolerances.

Replacing just the short rail is not usually recommended, as the boom hinge undergoes hundreds of thousands if not millions of cycles before replacement. Minor shifts in the boom and girder occur, which affect the alignment of the short rail. If the top surface of the stringers is not cleaned to bare metal and new clips and clamps installed, a misalignment in the short rail area will most likely occur, affecting the performance of the trolley and jeopardizing the short rail system.

A proper installation mitigates the minor misalignments between the boom and girder, bringing the short rail system to almost a new state. This improves the performance of the trolley and prolongs the life of the short rail system.

The recommended scope of work for a proper short rail replacement is as follows:

  • 1. Perform all the necessary measurements to ensure all material is in place before the crane is taken out of service
  • 2. Install appropriate scaffolding system
  • 3. Cut out and remove existing rails as per previous measurements
  • 4. Remove all clip and clamp lowers from the top surface of the stringer
  • 5. Clean the stringer to bare metal and measure
  • 6. Repair all necessary misalignments
  • 7. Install new clip and clamp lowers
  • 8. Install new wear plates and pad
  • 9. Install new rails and any necessary transitions to achieve a smooth transition between old and new rail elevation
  • 10. Remove scaffolding system

Feel free to click on the image and download a PDF that highlights a Gantrex installation process on 5 STS Cranes.

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