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Gantrex flying very long haul

June 1, 2018 - The Company is on track with achieving the same record breaking distance as Singapore Airlines!
The Airline Company has just announced it will launch the world's longest commercial flight in October, a non-stop 15,300–kilometre journey from Singapore to Newark, New Jersey, which will eclipse the 14,500km Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Auckland as the world's longest.
Last year in April when Qatar Airways broke the then record, Gantrex coincidently equalled that distance in crane rails it supplied or equipped since its incorporation. And amazingly, Gantrex is now about to reach the Singapore Airline figure…Just imagine, the distance between Singapore and New York supplied in crane rails by Gantrex!
The next target for a non-stop flight has been set by Qantas: it is considering flying from Sydney to London from 2022, an even longer 17,000km journey.
Will Gantrex reach that distance earlier? To find out, tune in to Gantrex

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