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Cable protection system

Protection first

The GANTREX TrenchLok™ cable protection system efficiently and economically protects cranes’ power cables from damages and problems caused by crossing vehicles traffic in ports and steel mills. The cables are also sheltered against debris entering the trench and adverse weather conditions. In addition, it eliminates tripping hazards for pedestrians. Our cable protection system is made of multiple components:
  • The GANTREX TrenchLok™ cable trench cover – a continuous semi-flexible belt made of steel reinforced rubber fixed on the quay surface along one edge via a stainless-steel strip.
  • The cable steel channel – a corrosion-resistant steel protection channel, cast in the quay, where cables are laid.
We also provide customised cable anchors to fit your needs and minimize the amount of cable required for your crane to travel.

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Key features

The GANTREX TrenchLok™ system provides an ideal cover to operate in all types of facilities seeking cable protection from rubber-tyred vehicles and pedestrians. This system boasts many advantages :
•     Maintenance free
•     Easy to install
•     Full operational security
•     Free of alignment problems
•     Free of crane speed limitations
•     Easily adaptable to the system in place

Gantrex TrenchLok Cable Protection system on site
Gantrex TrenchLok Cable Protection system in ports
Gantrex TrenchLok Cable Protection system installed in ports
Gantrex steel cable channel
Roll of Gantrex Trench Cover
Gantrex Trench cover for Gantrex TrenchLok Cable Protection system
Gantrex Trench cover for Gantrex TrenchLok Cable Protection system
Gantrex Trench cover for Gantrex TrenchLok Cable Protection system
Gantrex TrenchLok Cable Protection system in use

Cable protection system in use

Global coverage, local presence

Gantrex' tailor-made range of products and services is available through more than 300 real Gantrex crane rail specialists worldwide, ready to be on track, with you.

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Gantrex Trench Cover

Cable trench cover

The standard TrenchLok™ cable trench cover is designed for light vehicles and pedestrian traffic. Alternatively, TrenchLok™ HD allows heavy vehicles traffic and their operations over the belt. 
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Gantrex simple or double cable channel

Cable Channel

The channel is U-shaped profile made of corrosion-resistant steel.  It is cast in the quay to form the cable trench where power cables are laid down while unwinding from cable reels. Compared to the concrete channels, which can be subject to erosion with the constant use and therefore resulting friction of the cables movement in and out, the durable smooth surface of the lateral walls and base of the channel (provided by the constitition of laminated steel) is the best protection for the crane cables. We are able to study and design customized solutions for all your needs.

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Gantrex cable anchors system for Cable protection system

Cable anchors

To minimize the amount of cable needed for a given crane travel distance, the cable is usually terminated and electrically connected at the center point of the crane’s required travel. It is at this center point where a "cable anchor" would be placed inside a formed concrete vault. Depending on the cable’s characteristics, GANTREX will custom design and supply customized solutions for all your needs. They are standard supplied in stainless steel.

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