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Embedded Tracks

Gantrex embedded track


Gantrex offers a wide range of embedded track solutions for light rail tracks, tramway or metro lines, main railway lines, private junctions or maintenance facilities where electrical insulation, noise or vibration attenuation are key.

Suited to all rail profiles

The recycled rubber or resinous material embedded tracks can be adapted to every rail type and size.
Rooted rail from Gantrex
Gantrex rooted rail being installed
Gantrex polyurethane being prepared
Embedded track on site
Example of Rooted rail
Rooted rail installed
pack of Gantrex polyurethane
Embedded tramway track
Embedded track for train maintenance hall

Gantrex polyurethane

Suited to requested insulation level

You can rest assured that our 300-strong, in-house global and local teams of Gantrex experts will guide and offer you the optimized products that meet your noise and vibration reduction requirements, supported by the calculations of our own Technical Department.

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Rooted rail for railway industry

Rooted Rail

The GANTREX® GRR Rooted Rails are available in different levels of performance, from basic to high insulation (in combination with the Gantrex Slab Mat). Specific models are also available for frequent crossing traffic load.
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Gantrex polyurethane


The polyurethane resin volume, the PVC tubes and the primer quantities are calculated in function of the steel channel dimensions.

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