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Tieback Assemblies

Gantrex tieback assemblies

Tiebacks / surge connectors

The connection between runway girder ends and building columns is a common area of failure on overhead crane runways. Often called tieback connection or surge connector, this joining proves subject to the fatigue stemming from flexural stresses in runway girders from crane operations. 

Eliminate common cracks & breaks between girders & building columns

GANTREX’ Crane Girder Tieback Assembly is the proven solution to accommodate flexural movements without fatigue, whilst providing the necessary load transfer to the building column. Our tieback assemblies are designed to fit on your crane loading and building configuration and can be used for new construction or runway refurbishment.
Surge connection for tieback assemblies
close up on tieback assemblies
tieback assemblies on site
production of tieback assemblies
tieback assemblies for overhead crane
external tieback assemblies

Gantrex surge connector

In-house design calculations

Our team of 300 genuine GANTREX crane rail specialists worldwide will guide and offer the tieback assemblies best fitting your needs with the support of our Technical Department’s design calculations, including crane loading, duty cycles, structural conditions and ease of installation. 

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tieback assemblies

Tieback Assemblies

Gantrex can supply tiebacks as assembled units, complete with girder & column brackets (fixing supports) already attached for easy field installation. The assembled tiebacks are maintenance free.
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