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Grouting and Anchoring

Anchoring system on site

Civil engineering interface

When it comes to epoxy or cement grout systems for rail-mounted equipment tracks and runways, no one is more experienced than Gantrex. We offer solutions to support your runway with high-strength epoxy grout or non-shrink cementitious grout. Gantrex’ grouts fill the gaps between rail support steel plates and concrete structures. Our grouts are available for continuous or discontinuous soleplate systems. They also serve to anchor bolts in concrete foundations, a process known as anchoring. Gantrex helps its clients select the proper grout depending on performance, application parameters, purpose (grouting or anchoring), installation conditions and local product availability.

Anchor bolt

The anchoring device is used to connect the rail steel supports to concrete foundations. Consisting of a bolt, washer, nut and adhesive, the standard anchor bolts are installed by drilling holes in the concrete deck, mixing the resin before filling the hole and inserting the anchor bolt. The mixed resin works as an adhesive, suspending the bolt in place until it cures to complete the process.  Anchors types are also contingent on such different factors as civil engineering constraints, performance, installation method, etc. and can therefore be provided in different steel grades and shapes or with different adhesive products.
close up on gantrex anchoring system
Steel plate preparation for grouting
grouting in process
grouting picture
rail alignement checking
close up on anchoring and bolt system
Grouting and Casting of chairplates
grouting machine

Grouting of gantrex clip and rail

Levelling devices

The type of levelling devices is also selected to suit specific installation conditions to enable a satisfactory adjustment of rail support to ensure that the track geometry is compliant with the relevant tolerances (FEM, VDI, CMAA, etc.)

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Grouting machine


Crane rail system grouts are either cement or epoxy resin based.

Mechanical and chemical properties, pouring characteristics and procurement process are considered to propose the best possible design.
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anchor bolts system

Anchor Bolt Systems

The standard Anchor Bolt Assembly consists of a bolt, washer, nut and adhesive.

Shape, dimension, steel grade, protective treatment and choice of the chemical adhesive vary in function of the track design.

Gantrex will propose a solution to suit your installation loads and local conditions, supported by the appropriate calculations by our own Technical Department.

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Levelling systems for plate

Levelling Systems

Most widely used systems are the levelling screw through tapped steel plate or the levelling nut under the steel plate. The accessibility conditions are determinant for the choice.

Re-levelling systems may also be considered. 

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