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Consulting and Engineering

Gantrex Survey Robot

Knowledge and experience

Through its global presence, Gantrex boasts experience gained over several decades and brings its clients solutions to problems encountered on the different rail track and specialty track applications, ranging from production lines in the automotive industry to nuclear applications, from heavy steel industry to automated warehouses, from industrial gantry cranes to container terminals, etc. Hand-in-hand with our customers, ISO 9001 Gantrex designs technical solutions integrating all the characteristics of the track. Clients using our technical support can quickly define the most reliable approach for each interface component between support and wheel.

At the service of your performance

World-renowned laboratories specialized in Rail Tracks Construction test the mechanical perfor­mances of our products. Gantrex invests in innovative products and concepts to offer bespoke, cost-effective solutions to ensure an optimized, trouble-free working process for your crane runway.
But of course, the best designs only stem from a comprehensive understanding of the track behaviour… which is in Gantrex’ DNA! 
Analysing tool on crane site
Gantrex engineering design program
Gantrex survey robot on site

Gantrex Survey and inspection department

Highly qualified expertise

Gantrex’ offer encompasses crane runway surveys, analysis and measurement data presentation on-site. Armed with all this information, we develop individually tailored adjustments for our customer (including everything from a local repair to a complete refurbishment of the crane runway). Depending on site and time constraints, Gantrex’ highly qualified surveyors or GANTREX® newly developed RSR runway survey robot provide surveying solutions for most all applications.

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crane rail system design

System Design

Gantrex’ Technical Department designs, tests and launches industrial production of new concepts, techniques and track components. Our engineering department has specific knowledge of :
  • Computer aided design;
  • FEA calculation;
  • Materials resistance;
  • Metallurgy of steel and cast iron;
  • Chemical properties of elastomers;
  • Civil engineering techniques;
  • Kinematics and dynamics of handling machines;
  • Application of both technical and safety standards;
  • Welding technology;
  • Noise and vibrations

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gantrex survey robot and inspection services

Inspection and Survey

Gantrex’ scope of work includes the runway survey as well as the analysis and presentation of the measurement data obtained on site. By using the collected data we develop individually tailored corrections to the customer. This includes everything from a local repair to a complete refurbishment of the crane runway :
  • Geometry
  • Analysis
  • Corrections proposal

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