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Urban tracks

tranway track installed by gantrex

Caring for the environment

Air and sound pollution extensively contribute to the degradation of the living quality in urban areas. Although they respond to some issues relative to the air quality, tramways have not answered the issue of sound pollution. Gantrex resilient materials for embedded light rail tracks effectively reduce noise and vibrations and offer city dwellers a sound solution whilst satisfying environmental guidelines.

Noise Reduction Solution

Our solutions for embedded tracks come in a range of various levels of electrical insulations whilst our Engineering Department optimizes the composition of the profiles to meet client requirements to reach the best noise and vibration reduction results

Specifically designed for your technical requirements

  • Various levels of electrical insulation
  • For every type of rail
  • Possible to add the special Gantrex Slab Mat for higher vibration attenuation
  • Possible to add edge protection for facing high load traffic
Close up on urban track
Installation of a Gantrex urban track
Urban track on sleepers
Tramway track
Installation of a urban track
GREEN Products
rooted rail track
Urban track and rooted rail

Easy to install

Easy & fast installation thanks to the Gantrex Jigs

Cost effective

Made from recycled rubber granulates bound with fibers, the Gantrex products offer a high cost/performance ratio.
Gantrex’ range of products and services is available around the world through our 300-strong, in-house global and local teams of Gantrex technical experts, ready to be on track, with you. 

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References across the world

We have 50+ years of crane track design and construction experience. Our unparalleled customer base demonstrates the reliability of our products and services.

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