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Maintenance Facilities

Gantrex Pit track installed in maintenance hall

Exclusively designed to your needs

Rolling stock is the most maintenance-intensive section of any railway system. In the same way as regularly, well-maintained systems are essential to run a successful railway, the inspection/maintenance pits in depots are vital to the rolling stock maintenance process.  Since the technicians working under the vehicles must work in the safest possible conditions, it is crucial to build pit tracks using reliable and resistant materials.

Gantrex products and services for maintenance facilities are engineered solutions responding to the latest market demands in terms of easy installation, design optimization and compliance to safety standards. 

FEA designed

Gantrex’ engineering department optimizes systems to offer you a customized application whilst reducing costs. Additionally, we also provide calculations reports for fatigue and seismic conditions.

Multi-Component System

  • The latest generation of RailLok™ clips
  • Pad
  • Electrical insulator
  • Steel column
  • Grouting material 
Steel column installation
Inspection in train maintenance hall
Gantrex Pit track column
insulator clip for maintenance hall
Steel column installed in a maitenance hall with a train on it
Train maintenance hall

The Gantrex® clips

They allow for a better lateral adjustment of the rails compared with classic fastening solutions. It also offers fool proof positioning and tightening with an impact wrench.

Installation method

Anchoring or embedding of steel columns depending on your preferred installation method.
Gantrex’ range of products and services is available around the world through our 300-strong, in-house global and local teams of Gantrex technical experts, ready to be on track, with you. 

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We have 50+ years of crane track design and construction experience. Our unparalleled customer base demonstrates the reliability of our products and services.

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