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Overhead crane in the steel industry

Comprehensive solutions

Reliable process cranes are decisive component for the cost-effectiveness of their related industry at every stage of the process from manufacturing to assembly and shipment. Handling difficult loads on long or cross-travel, ensuring continuous process flows, guaranteeing the accurate placing of materials etc. are just some of the many arduous specifications that cannot be met if the crane rail track proves unreliable.  This is even more difficult when facing harsh and demanding conditions such as heat or severe cold, dust or still, aggressive environments.
Gantrex boasts unbeaten experience in crane rail solutions for all process cranes ranging from casting cranes to refuse incineration installations, and for all types of medium to heavy loads overhead cranes, or for specific applications. 

In-house R&D

Incorporating the latest innovation of its in-house R&D department, GANTREX’ tailor-made range of products and services are developed to fit as many girder runways as possible and can be tailor-made to your needs and constraints.

Supply & Installation:

We supply and install crane rail fixing solutions for steel and concrete girders and we connect runway girders to building columns, using cutting-edge technology to increase the reliability and productivity of our customers’ business.
Track for overhead crane
overhead crane
Overhead crane for steel industry
Overhead crane for waste treatment industry
Overhead crane for paper industry
Working hand-in-hand with civil engineers and crane manufacturers, Gantrex provides a comprehensive range of products, designs, supplies and installations for crane rails.
Overhead crane track
Overhead crane moving goods

One-stop shop offer

Gantrex solutions involve the latest technology in crane and specialty rail track component and services, including:
  • RailLok™ adjustable clips and crane rail pad
  • Tieback assemblies
  • Oleo™ hydraulic buffers
  • Rail selection and supply
  • Installation and engineering services

Rail stability

  • Gantrex’ RailLok™ design ensures full and tight contact between the upper component of the clip and rail foot. Coupled with the self-locking wedge, it keeps the tightened clip bolts in tension.
  • The RailLok™ pad’s specific grooves and edge design prevents damage or movement of the pads resultant from rail twisting and the bow wave effect, almost completely eliminating the risk of premature pad weakening ensuing from dirt ingress.
Gantrex’ tailor-made range of products and services is available through more than 300 genuine Gantrex crane rail specialists worldwide, ready to be on track, with you.

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We have 50+ years of crane track design and construction experience. Our unparalleled customer base demonstrates the reliability of our products and services.

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