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Steel Supports

Supporting rails on flat surfaces

The main components of runway tracks, steel supports come in various types and shapes varying with the rail-mounted equipment: soleplates and chairplates (also known as baseplates or support plates), steel sleepers and steel columns. The primary function of a steel support consists in providing rails with a flat, smooth resting surface whilst allowing for the vertical alignment of a rail system.

Whilst anchor bolts secure the steel supports, specific levelling devices adjust the vertical level.  Depending on the specific industry application and moving equipment (cranes or rolling stock), steel supports are installed on top of a layer of grout or concrete that fills the void between the steel support and the concrete foundation.

Cutting-edge solutions

Gantrex has pioneered the development of the Adjustable Chair for cases when post-installation vertical and horizontal settlements/movements of the foundation are anticipated (as with container stacking yards). This genuine Gantrex ®system is equipped with the latest RailLok™ technology and allows for simple and rapid initial installation in compliance with the strictest rail tolerances including ISO 12488-1, AIST Technical Report 13, and CMAA, as well as for post-installation vertical and horizontal adjustments to restore rail elevation and horizontal positioning to these same tolerances in the event of foundation settlement or movements. 

This system is particularly suitable for stacker-reclaimer cranes and cranes with automated positioning or operating systems, such as Automated Stacking Cranes.

Global support, local presence

Our 300-strong, in-house global and local teams of Gantrex technical experts are available to guide you in your requests and are ready to be on track, with you.

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Steel Plates

The rails are supported by a steel structure, either continuously or intermittently.
In the first case, the continuous support generally consists of weldable structural steel soleplates to which the fastening systems of the rail are fixed. The design of the soleplates will consider civil layout, handling issues on site, calculated clip spacing and crane loads distribution.
In the second case, the discontinuous support generally consists of structural steel chairs to which the fastening systems of the rail are fixed. The design of the chairs will consider civil layout, handling issues on site, calculated support spacing and crane loads distribution.

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Adjustable Chairs

This patent pending, new fastening system is a fast and easy track re-alignment solution to overcome shifting rail foundations without rail removal
  • Vertical and lateral re-alignment 
  • Anchoring system fully independent from stresses generated by the crane
  • Precise and stable rail adjustment
  • Easy soleplate assembly, stable and accessible
  • Incorporating the RailLok™ clips technology
GANTREX®Adjustable Chairs are available in different sizes and capacities to suit different rail profiles and wheel loads.  The correct design not only depends on those mechanical and dimensional considerations but also on installation contingencies. We therefore recommend you contacting us to discuss YOUR requirements.

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