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Automated warehouses

GANTREX, The service specialist

Automated warehousing storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are only effective if they offer their owners the expected productivity, space saving, accuracy, speed and reduced operating costs. AS/RS are perfectly adapted to today’s “world at a click” business.

Speed and accuracy in material handling depends on the reliability of the gear and equipment. Gantrex boasts considerable experience in equipping Storage and Retrieval Machines (SRM) with floor mounted rails. Our range of specific crane runway solutions for automated warehouses are engineered, produced and installed to meet every single client request, taking into account client profiles (manufacturing or distribution centre), loads retrieved and shipped, average temperature range of warehouses, crane specifications and civil engineering characteristics.

In-house R&D

Incorporating the latest innovation of its in-house R&D department, GANTREX’ tailor-made range of products and services are developed to fulfil as many AS/RS as possible and can be customized to your needs and constraints.


  • Additional wedge (Gantrex’s self-contact design patent)
  • High lateral resistance capacity
  • Compact design


  • Double crown pad shape
  • Redesigned edge
Our in-house specialized installation teams boast unbeaten worldwide experience to inspect, repair and install automated warehouses rail systems to the top standard in the industry.

Easy to install

  • Increased lateral adjustment for the highest installation precision.
  • Tightening with impact wrench.

Rail Stability

  • Gantrex’ RailLok™ design ensures full and tight contact between the upper component of the clip and rail foot. Coupled with the self-locking wedge, it keeps the tightened clip bolts in tension.
Gantrex’ tailor-made range of products and services is available through more than 300 real Gantrex crane rail specialists worldwide, ready to be on track, with you

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