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Protecting all users

Trench-implanted crane tracks may sometimes represent a risk for pedestrian and the wheels of some vehicles, including motorcycles and bicycles. GANTREX™ Trench Infill was developed to prevent pedestrians from tripping and reduces the impact on the wear and tear of wheels and tires when crossing trenches.
The recycled rubber Chamber Filler offers good sound and electrical installation in all embedded tracks of railway applications.

Easy to install (and remove)

Ecologically aware Gantrex uses recycled rubber elements bonded with polyurethane. The elements of the solution can be manipulated and removed easily, thus guaranteeing quick and constant access to the trench.

Global & Local presence

Our team of 300 genuine Gantrex crane rail specialists worldwide will guide you to select the rubber products that best fit your needs to be on track, with you. 

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Trench Infill

Size and models are depending on the trench dimension, the crane rail profile, the clips models and the nature of the traffic (pedestrian or high duty) on the infill.

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We have 45+ years of crane track design and construction experience. Our unparalleled customer base demonstrates the reliability of our products and services.

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