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Safety first…

With the increased travel speeds of today’s container STS cranes, automated overhead and gantry cranes and high speed transfer cars the need for energy absorbing hydraulic bumpers (also known as buffers depending on your location) is greater than ever.

End stops are commonplace in docks and ports, at the end of rails accommodating cranes and railway lines delivering bulk material or cargo to a port. End stops are also used in factories and steel mills with cranes and major machinery to remove some of the high stresses endured by the buildings when cranes reach their destination. Very occasionally, moving equipment can fail to stop or slow down sufficiently, resulting in a risk of collision or overriding the end of the platform/line. Fitting efficient and effective end stops protects passengers, rolling stock and infrastructures in the rare events that trains or cranes fail to stop.

With Gantrex energy absorbing hydraulic bumpers

Gantrex and Oleo International’s bumpers/buffers are designed for the harshest heavy-duty applications. Featuring a fatigue-less gas return spring and the most efficient fluid metering pin system available on the market, Gantrex/Oleo’s hydraulic bumper controls the deceleration of rail-mounted material handling equipment. Regardless of crane size or travel speed, Gantrex and Oleo have come up with a solution providing the requested protection to control-stop all rail-mounted equipment whilst minimizing the end forces resulting from impact.

Moreover, for much smaller moving equipment, Gantrex also supplies a line of hydraulic bumpers (GCB Series) and rubber buffers.

Global and local availability

Our 300-strong, in-house global and local teams of Gantrex technical experts are available to guide you in your requests and are ready to be on track, with you.

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End Stops

We deliver sliding friction end stops, hydraulic or non-hydraulic, and fixed end stops, customizable to your needs.

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Hydraulic buffers are available in different types and capacities to suit the differences of weight, speed and movement of cranes or moving machinery.  The correct buffer selection not only depends on those mechanical engineering considerations but also on mounting and operating environment contingencies. We therefore recommend you contacting us to discuss YOUR requirements.

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We have 45+ years of crane track design and construction experience. Our unparalleled customer base demonstrates the reliability of our products and services.

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