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Cable trench cover

Protection first

Gantrex’ TrenchLok™ cable trench cover, efficiently and economically protects cranes’ power cables from damages and problems caused by crossing vehicles traffic in ports and steel mills. The cables are also sheltered against debris entering the trench and adverse weather conditions. In addition it eliminates tripping hazards for pedestrians.

Key features

The TrenchLok™ system provides an ideal cover to operate in all types of facilities seeking cable protection from rubber-tyred vehicles and pedestrians. This system boasts many advantages: :
•     Maintenance free
•     Easy to install
•     Full operational security
•     Free of alignment problems
•     Free of crane speed limitations
•     Easily adaptable to the system in place


Global coverage, local presence

Gantrex' tailor-made range of products and services is available through more than 300 real Gantrex crane rail specialists worldwide, ready to be on track, with you.

Options Discover our range of products

Cable protection system

The standard TrenchLok™ cable trench cover is designed for light vehicles and pedestrian traffic. Alternatively, TrenchLok™ HD allows heavy vehicles traffic and their operations over the belt. 

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