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Group executive committee

  • Maarten Impens
    Group CEO & Regional VP @ Dubai, UAE

  • Alberto Beraza
    Group COO & Regional VP @ Bilbao, Spain

  • Barbara TÖNS
    Chief Marketing Officer @ NIVELLES, BELGIUM

  • Bruno Pierobon
    Regional VP @ Singapore, Singapore

  • Hagen Wittmer
    Regional VP @ Aachen, Germany

  • Mark Veydt
    Regional VP @ Pittsburgh, USA

  • Olivier Blanpain
    Group CFO @ Nivelles, Belgium

Other key managers

  • Alexander Samoylenko
    Group Engineering Manager @ Nivelles, Belgium

  • Anthony Chua
    Sales Manager SEA @ Singapore, Singapore

  • Axel Boitel
    General Manager Belgium @ Nivelles, Belgium

  • Devendra DESHMUKH
    Managing Director India @ Mumbai, India

  • Frank Lee
    General Manager OPC China @ Beijing, China

    Sales Manager / Key Account Manager @ Aachen, Germany

  • Ignacio GOROSTIAGA
    Operations Manager OPC Spain @ Bilbao, Spain

  • Ivan Qu
    Chief Sales Rep. China @ Shanghai, China

  • José Lopez
    Sales Manager Iberia & Latam @ Bilbao, Spain

  • Lal AJWANI
    General Manager Canada @ Ajax, Canada

  • Pascal BOSTOEN
    Group IT Manager @ Nivelles, Belgium

  • Philippe Lebrun
    Group Marketing Manager @ Nivelles, Belgium

  • Srini Punukollu
    General Manager Operations OPC Canada @ Ajax, Canada

  • Younghan YOON
    Sales Manager Korea @ Seoul, Korea

Ethics Committee

  • Alberto Beraza
    GROUP COO, REGIONAL VP and Chairman of Ethics Committee @ BILBAO, SPAIN

  • Aurélie François
    HR @ Nivelles, Belgium

  • Frank Lee

  • Martine Scheirs
    Head of Finance and HR @ Aachen, Germany

  • Terry Kong
    Controller @ Ajax, Canada


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